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US Woman Murder Istanbul:Sarai Sierra last footage revealed by Turkish police / Video

Killed American tourist Sarai Sierra’s new video footage revealed when shes while walking alone in Istanbul.

Some of the final footage showing Sarai Sierra, an American mother of two who was slain last month, has emerged.

In the short security camera footage distributed to the press and recorded on Jan. 21, the day Sierra is said to have disappeared, she is seen walking alone from the Eminönü neighborhood toward Cankurtaran, near the city walls where she was later found murdered.

Images from security cameras were also released on Feb. 15, the same day that Sierra was laid to rest in Staten Island, New York. Sierra’s body was found by police Feb. 2.

Turkish police also questioned the siblings of a mystery homeless man they want for questioning in Sarai Sierra’s murder.

Ziya T., who earns his living collecting and selling used paper, reportedly left Istanbul right after Sierra’s body was found by police.

According to police reports, after leaving Istanbul, Ziya T. went to his sister’s house in the northwestern province of Karabük where he spent three days, leaving after his sister gave him 100 Turkish Liras. He told his family he was heading for the southern province of Hatay.

Killed US Tourist Sarai Sierra last video footage 

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  1. Lots of women travel alone nowadays. I spent 3 weeks in western Turkey this summer. Two on a tour and one week alone in Istanbul. I felt comfortable walking alone in most tourist areas alone during the day. At night I tend to be more careful, but Istanbul is a safe city, in many ways safer than NYC or London. Maybe it’s because she was at the ruins and there were less people around that she fell victim to what is appearing to be a robbery gone bad.

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