Victoria Swarovski: “It was maybe a bit naive of me at the time”

For a long time, Victoria Swarovski said that she wanted to be a mother by the age of 30. Now the "Let's Dance" presenter finds these statements critical. But why?

Everyone has their own life plan with individual wishes and goals. Presenter Victoria Swarovski, for example, said in numerous interviews that she would like to have a child by the age of 30 at the latest. At that time she was still with her husband Werner Mürz. A few months ago, however, the couple announced their separation after six years together as husband and wife. As a result, a lot has changed for Swarovski in terms of life planning.

“It was maybe a bit naive of me at the time”

The 29-year-old is now in a relationship with Red Bull heir Mark Mateschitz. In an interview with the celebrity magazine “Bunte”, Swarovski says she is currently “super happy”. She is not currently talking about child planning. Today, however, she is critical of her desire to become a mother by the age of 30.

Swarovski: “It was perhaps a bit naïve of me at the time to believe that you can plan your life so far in advance. Today I would say: I’m looking forward to everything that happens and it comes as it comes. Right now I’m just working very much.”

Despite the work, she wants to enjoy her new relationship to the fullest. The native Austrian plans to spend more time at home so that she can be near her partner more often. She reveals about her everyday life in Salzburg: “It’s best when I’m sitting on the couch with my loved ones in the evening and chilling. When we can cook something with friends and spend time together with the family. I love private moments like this . Time is so fast-moving, everything is always more, never less.”

At the same time, the lawyers for Swarovski and Mürz are dealing with the divorce. Neither of them want a war of the roses. The divorce should be quick.


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