Heidi Klum showers in a black bikini

First work, then relaxation: A few weeks ago, Heidi Klum chose the winner of GNTM. Now the 50-year-old delights her fans in a bikini.

For more than 20 years, Heidi Klum has been directing the hit show “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, in which she casts young models throughout Germany.

With her last Instagram post, the juror has now proven that she is in no way inferior to the youngsters. Because on Instagram, the mother of four showed herself in a tight bikini – and left enthusiastic fans.

In the video she is standing under a shower that is outside in nature. Surrounded by trees and plants, she dances around under the apparently cold shower. She has long nails painted red, wears a gold anklet, and a gold body chain adorning her belly. She comments on the video with the words “cold” and adds a freezing smiley, among other things. Although the top model is obviously comfortable, she has deactivated the comment function under her post.

Relaxation on vacation

At the moment she seems to be taking a break on vacation. Heidi Klum recently posted a video showing her and her husband Tom Kaulitz on an airplane. Her latest Instagram posts also suggest that she is recovering. The model recently showed her eleven million followers how she drove across the sea in a small boat. However, she does not reveal where she is.

Shortly before her vacation, she announced unexpected news for “Germany’s Next Top Model”. So far, only women have been able to take part in the show. But in the coming season, Heidi Klum also wants to cast men for the first time, as she announced on Instagram. In recent years, Heidi Klum has repeatedly surprised with changes at GNTM. In 2022, for example, a mother and her daughter were allowed to take part in the relay for the first time. Despite various innovations, the format was increasingly criticized. Former participants reported hatred and targeted manipulation.


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