Heidi Klum shows up with all four children

Heidi Klum treats herself to a break by the sea.

Heidi Klum lets her fans take part in the family outing and posts recordings with her offspring.

A day at the beach with the whole family – that’s what vacations look like for many people around the world. With her latest Instagram post, she proves that a top model like Heidi Klum is no exception.

The picture shows the 49-year-old with all four children in front of a fantastic summer backdrop. Together, the five Klums walk in a row towards the bright blue sea water. Mama Heidi is wearing a yellow bikini and a white hat with a black pattern, which she has to hold on to with her left hand.

Children are rarely shown

On her right hand she holds her younger daughter Lou Sulola, who is wearing a white two-piece suit. Klum’s sons Johan Riley Fyodor and Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu have opted for eye-catching swimming trunks – one in blue with a polka dot pattern and one in bright turquoise. Between them runs Heidi’s older daughter Leni, who in turn has already started a modeling career. She opted for a pink bikini. The head of the family provides the post with heart emojis.

It is rare for Heidi Klum to show her children in public. Accordingly, they can only be seen from behind on the Instagram photo. Only Leni has been seen regularly in public since the start of her career in 2020.

The 18-year-old comes from the relationship between the GNTM boss and the Italian racing manager Flavio Briatore. The father of the other three Klum children is Seal, to whom the model was married from 2005 to 2014. In 2009, the singer also adopted Leni. The two were recently spotted together in California.

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