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Visit to Berlin: Politicians call on Germany Chancellor Merkel words of warning to Erdogan / Turkey Breaking News


Recep Tayyip Erdogan is due to a corruption scandal under massive pressure. In Berlin, he wants to advertise on Tuesday with Chancellor Merkel for the planned EU accession of Turkey and go with his compatriots for votes. He will meet with any resistance.

The expectations of the Berlin visit of the Turkish Government Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday are high: human rights require the Premier an apology for the “Armenian genocide”; representatives of the Turks living in Germany – as Kenan Kolat, chairman of the Turkish Community in Germany – urge the regular government consultations of both countries and on progress in the dual citizenship, and the Union faction in the Bundestag calls Erdogan “a commitment to democracy and freedom of religion”.

The Premier himself wants one thing: When German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (both SPD) promote the prompt opening of his country as a full member in the EU. On Tuesday noon Erdogan is now expected in the Chancellery. The relationship between the German head of government and their Turkish counterparts shall be deemed professionally – nothing more, also because he is known for his provocative and effervescent performances.

Erdogan had warned in the Cologne Arena in Germany in 2008, the approximately three million German Turks not to assimilate. Such “cultural fusion” was a “crime against humanity”. His speech had triggered a heated debate on integration.

This time, the Premier is back on the campaign trail: On 30 March local elections are, in summer, the Turks then vote on the President, as it depends on each voice to. The head of state is elected directly by the people for the first time – and for the first time allowed to Turks living abroad to cast their votes. There are quite a few: It’s about 1.5 million eligible voters.

In the evening, the Prime Minister and AKP Chairman Erdogan therefore will perform in front of thousands supporters in Berlin Tempodrom. “Berlin meets the great master” is the title of the event, which will be broadcast live by several Turkish channels.

Erdogan Visit To Berlin:Volker Kauder is calling for democratic rules

Union parliamentary leader Volker Kauder had already criticized the election campaign appearance: “Everybody can talk freely in Germany, as long as he keeps to the rules of democracy,” he told . He was important, said the CDU politician, “that the speech of Mr. Erdogan does not contain anything, which complicates the integration of the Turkish population.”

“Erdogan could here once take a significant commitment to religious freedom in Turkey,” Kauder demanded. “Because he wants with Turkey to Europe.”

The Union faction leader is considered as a critic of EU accession for Turkey. Only last summer he had further negotiations conditional on that the Turkish state more respect the rights of Christians. Even the violence of the Turkish security forces against demonstrators in Istanbul last summer had sharply criticized Kauder.

Erdogan Visit to Berlin:Appeal to Angela Merkel

Erdogan is currently closed for a massive corruption scandal under pressure. Istanbul prosecutors had on 17 December are dozens of suspects arrested , including the sons of ministers. When the scandal it is among other things to the bribery of politicians.

Erdogan ‘s opponents have announced a protest rally against the Prime Minister at the Brandenburg Gate on Tuesday .

The Foreign Office shall establish the continuation of the stalled EU accession talks to clear conditions . ” We continue to constructive negotiations from both sides and serious , fact-based discussions,” said the Minister of State for European Affairs Michael Roth ( SPD) ” Handelsblatt Online .” ” The will of the Turkish government to deal fully open and in strict observance of constitutional principles, with different positions and protests within the country , I put just as much ahead as the uncompromising investigation of the corruption scandal by the Turkish constitutional state. ”

Politicians of all German parties called on Merkel to take advantage of the meeting with Erdogan for clear words . SPD Group Vice Rolf Mützenich demanded that the Ankara government must comply with the rule of law . It was ” inevitable,” Erdogan ” to point out that his approach is consistent against investigating officer in the various process neither acceptable nor by legal standards,” said Mützenich in “Handelsblatt online” .

The European policy spokesman of the Green parliamentary group, Manuel Sarrazin , Merkel called on to speak clear words . Erdogan’s understanding of separation of powers ” does not meet the expectations of a European democracy.”

The Turkish prime minister regarded the investigation as a conspiracy with the aim of harming its conservative Islamic AKP before the local and presidential elections in March and summer. He had thousands of police , hundreds of prosecutors and judges criminal move – which earned him massive criticism from the EU.

Erdogan Visit to Berlin:”The door must remain open for Turkey”

The themes of law, justice and human rights should play a more concrete role in the EU accession negotiations with Ankara according to the will of Steinmeier. The chapters 23 and 24 should be opened, “and then come together in a serious, tough talk about how things in Turkey are at the moment, then,” he said Monday after a meeting with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu in Berlin.

He pleaded, despite recent criticism of Turkey for an acceleration of the negotiations with Ankara: “The door must remain open for Turkey.”

Davutoglu described the opening of chapters 23 and 24 as “very important” for his country, in parallel, there can be reforms, such as the judiciary. Turkey trust in “the German leadership” and support for the EU accession negotiations. Ankara negotiations with the EU since 2005 on whether to join – but almost no progress so far.

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