Women recruited for Rammstein singer Till Lindemann?

Reports of new allegations and evidence released / Women recruited for Rammstein singer Till Lindemann?

The Rammstein front singer is faced with renewed allegations. In NDR and SZ women report that they were specifically chosen for Till Lindemann to have sex with him.

New alleged evidence brings Rammstein singer Till Lindemann in need of explanation. Will the musician become a case for the judiciary? Because: Several women raise further, serious allegations against the 60-year-old musician towards the NDR and the SZ. The women have even given their reports an oath. They speak anonymously in front of the camera.

Sex not agreed: woman reports on experience with Till Lindemann

The NDR also reports on the young women who were apparently specifically recruited to become intimate with the Rammstein singer. Two women also report sexual acts that they would not have consented to. The reporters also had other witness statements and chat transcripts that would support these allegations.

System at Rammstein concerts: women recruited for sex?

The research by NDR and SZ is said to have revealed that there is a special system. More than a dozen women describe in interviews with reporters how they were specifically approached by people close to Lindemann. That happened via Instagram or was directly at concerts. There are after-show parties specially organized for Lindemann, to which one was invited, according to the NDR and the SZ.

Young women should send pictures in advance

Women are said to have been asked to send photos in advance in order to come to such parties. Pictures and moving pictures were also taken on site, according to NDR and SZ. Numerous screenshots from WhatsApp and Instagram chats as well as photos should prove the women’s statements. The age of the women is said to have often not been asked, although alcohol and illegal drugs are said to have been offered at the parties.

Detailed descriptions of abuse of power

A woman reports that she was only able to attend concerts and parties if she was interested in having sex with Till Lindemann. Other alleged victims describe in detail what is said to have happened in hotel rooms and the cloakroom. The interviews also mention physical pain.

Rammstein: Band denied allegations

For days, the band and especially Till Lindemann has been confronted with allegations of sex casting and tequila shots with knockout drops. Rammstein responded with a statement on social media and denied: “Regarding the allegations about Vilnius circulating online, we can rule out that what is alleged to have happened in our environment. We are not aware of any official investigations into this.”

Till Lindemann and the band did not want to comment on the current reports and research from NDR and SZ. The presumption of innocence applies to the singer.

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