New allegations: “criminal mafia behind Rammstein”

The fuss about Rammstein does not subside. After the serious allegations from the weekend, a German influencer is now showing solidarity with Shelby Lynn.

Almost 800,000 people follow her on Instagram alone, and there are just as many on the YouTube video platform. 21-year-old influencer Kayla Shyx appeals to a huge following. And these people have been presented with a few hard-to-digest topics since early Tuesday morning: It’s about the band Rammstein, possible drug abuse and – as Shyx calls it – “bad things”.

Her real name is Kaya Loska, she comes from Berlin and has also acted as an actress in films or series such as “Bibi & Tina”. Now she is joining a woman named Shelby Lynn, who made serious allegations against the band Rammstein last Whitsun weekend. There was talk of an offer of sex – and an alleged use of knockout drops, read more about this here.

Kayla Shyx now claims she can “confirm” “many of the allegations”. In her Instagram story she writes: “I noticed it myself and almost got myself out of a very dangerous situation.” She does not say exactly what the situation was.

The influencer answered a request from t-online on Tuesday via her management as follows: “Kayla is currently editing a detailed video on the subject, which will probably go online by the end of the week at the latest. Until then, Kayla will not be available for interviews Disposal.”

Kayla Shyx is referring to the Stadion Tour in 2022

According to the descriptions published so far, Shyx was at a Rammstein concert last year and was “recruited to the after party”. There she had to experience “bad things”. She then speaks of a “sick, systematic (…) criminal mafia behind Rammstein”.

The band itself had already denied Shelby Lynn’s allegations two days ago, writing on Twitter, among other things: “Regarding the allegations about Vilnius circulating on the Internet, we can rule out that what is alleged has happened in our environment. We don’t have any official investigations known.”

Kayla Shyx claims to have had experiences that are said to have happened on the 2022 concert tour. Accordingly, she knows “several girls who have experienced exactly the same thing” – and refers to the experience report of the Irish woman Shelby Lynn, who, among other things, bruises after her Rammstein concert visit on May 22, 2023 in Vilnius and speculation about the secret instillation of made drugs public. t-online Rammstein has asked for a statement on the new allegations. The request initially went unanswered.

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