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Strawberries in glitter lingerie, countries points and a moderator on the edge of madness: On 21 February 1993 was the last time “Tutti Frutti,” the mother of all TV strip shows. Hugo Egon Balder raised the merciless cult Total Trash collapsing scenes and clamping bra hooks included.


Strawberries in glitter lingerie, countries points and a moderator on the edge of madness: On 21 February 1993 was the last time “Tutti Frutti,” the mother of all TV strip shows. Hugo Egon Balder raised the merciless cult Total Trash collapsing scenes and clamping bra hooks included.

They had not so much at the time. On the Internet, there were no pictures, also it was used only by scientists and other uncool people . The television was a few years earlier been a medium for which at least the moderator , but better also the spectators umband be a tie – and who once wanted to take a look at a bared female breast , the left only ” Bild” newspaper , ” Playboy , ” sex shop or the rear corners of the station bookshops .

It was explained that the January 1990 general perception the month marked where sank the West .

What had happened? Not much by today’s standards. RTL had acquired in Italy, the license for a fairly meaningless show called ” Colpo Grosso ” and gave it the name ” Tutti Frutti ” – a cheap -made format that provided the pretext for all kinds of games , all kinds of women and an alibi man up to to strip the thong.


Actually it was not even the meat inspection new – previously the station formats such as had “M – Men’s Magazine ” or ” Pompon Rouge Castle ” in the program had , their deeper meaning exactly was the same as that of the new game show. From pearls West German filmmaking of the seventies , such as ” Dirndl Bottom is yodel ” or “Let’s itch , mate,” the night program times not to speak .

90’s TV Show “Tutti Frutti”:Anja from Kerpen, Elke from Koblenz, Gabriele from Euskirchen


The early erotic attempts by the private television had been taken but only with steamed sniff note – but after the first broadcast of ” Tutti Frutti ” the storm broke . ” Lambs points ” should call the RTL erringenden of the candidate to better prices , not countries points, even the normally quiet comedian Dieter Hildebrandt excited . Media authorities tried to mend the format on stuff , politics discovered her duty of care for the moral well-being of the population.

What exactly provoked excitement about today one can only speculate . Maybe it was the fact that there were no longer only be bought and paid professional actresses in ” Tutti Frutti ” , the adolescent of any age showed what they had to offer physically . They were ordinary people who ventured onto the stage. What Anja from Kerpen, Elke from Koblenz or Gabriele lured from Euskirchen , was the prospect of first 3000 units of the euro precursor ecu , then 3000 D – Mark and last 1,000 marks per point countries . Your neighbor naked on TV – rrrrrr !

Not everything was nice , because what we could see that. Starting with the hair fashion of the nineties , the ” Wetgel whole tube of ” Hairspray lion’s mane and Tiffy perm varied skilfully topics that poignant color trends mustard yellow , Pastellaubergine and post- Miami Vice dusty pink , to the jerky movements , the inexperienced and nervous stock opportunity strippers were performing .


At the be stripped men , now and then sandwiched therebetween as an alibi , it was much worse . Aesthetics played here a pitiful supporting role , the motivation seemed between “I ‘m with the buddies from the GTI Club bet ” and ” Here in the Disse I get any ” vary , so ” Tutti Frutti ” with the time a proud arsenal of hanging bellies , thighs brushing and Mr. Thong accumulated .

90’s TV Show “Tutti Frutti”:Main thing is cheap

In addition to that ” Tutti Frutti ” could cost anything except money. For allegedly schodderige 40,000 euros per show , the show was heruntergeknüppelt in the old scenes of the Italian precursor and with the remaining staff.

Once a year the RTL entourage traveled for four weeks to northern Italy and beat a full year’s production through the assembly line . Finally, the increased trash- factor of the show immeasurably : Due to the harsh conditions of production themselves apparent margins were not cut, but simply aired . Fell a part of Bühnendeko to , then he was just fallen , is assistant Nora had miscalculated with the points , then the pitch was (though she was fired because of her dyscalculia after the first season ) – and pinched the slot machine for the next game , then you had to improvise content .

Control law for running gag was the sometimes minute-long struggles of the candidates with unruly Tear and bra closures , which lasted until sometime came a slavishly loyal assistant steward in costume and solved the problem .

90’s TV Show “Tutti Frutti”:”Uncle tits” and “sleazy Egon”


Also had a devastating effect of pressure on the moderation of hosts Hugo Egon Balder , who could not really prepare for his candidates from time constraints. The results ranged from pure embarrassment questions (” Geneva – there still find these conferences take place? ” ) Through occasional phases of despair ( ” I hope that no one has seen from my friends ” ) to derbstem machismo – as if Balder a candidate with the words, “do you not like , also a bit of what will work ? ” sent onto the stage to the Strip.

Such escapades – but actually simply through its role as the face of the consignment – slipped Balder Image soon into the abyss . The most forgot that the ” tits uncle” and already had made ​​” sleazy Egon ” together with Harald Schmidt cabaret and together with comedian Hella mad the pie fight “all or nothing ” responsible , remains one of the anarchischsten television formats of all time .

The longer ” Tutti Frutti ” was , the more crept up because even the madness of Balder’s other mission in the strip bar one : Although it maintained the sleazy attitude , but moderated Balder at once all items from the fictional town halls in Lower Bavaria, was inspired by the dancers of the pushed around Cin Cin ballet and led the whole concept of absurdity always more . However, hardly anyone took advantage of that time – the audience stayed on very different things.

90’s TV Show “Tutti Frutti”:”Strip!” with Jürgen Drews? No, thank you

Despite the scandal , or rather why : For RTL was ” Tutti Frutti ” fast goldmine . After four million viewers for the first broadcast , the unemployment rate hovered at useful 2,000,001 – since the whole show cost only a little more than could be earning with one or two commercials, should the use -earnings ratio is one of the best have been in the station’s history .

And yet the period of time went quickly over the fruits in the glittering lingerie that is ” Tutti Frutti ! ” calling bra cups torn from the body. Having already had been hired the Italian original ” Colpo Grosso ” suggested by the third season and the knell for the German edition . On 21 February 1993 was broadcast the last show , all the initial excitement over the shock had given way to format a certain fatigue.

The times had changed easily – ” Strip” and an attempt by RTL II, the concept under the title as moderator warm up again with Jürgen Drews, was quickly put back on the file.

Today there is the jungle camp . What Hildebrandt had to say about that?





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