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Pink Floyd, or what the band is left, create a new album from recordings from the past remained. So far, more than the cover of “The Endless River” is little known – it can fear the worst.


Pink Floyd, or what the band is left, create a new album from recordings from the past remained. So far, more than the cover of “The Endless River” is little known – it can fear the worst.

It’s like suddenly the great love of our life log on again. To announce a recent visit with us. Will they again develop those sensual or intellectual stimuli with which she once turned our heads? Or will it still be so dull and bloated as at our last meeting 20 years ago? We are curious. And because our love knows, she sends kindly forward a postcard. So that we can make an impression and vorfreuen. With trembling hands, so we open the mailbox – and can not believe it. We see a crying clown. Or in the face of Diddl mouse. A tattooed man’s arm, on the bicep an infant sleeps. Candy-colored unicorns gallop. Hello Kitty

All these motifs together create a not nearly as groundbreaking lovely dismay as the cover of the next plate of Pink Floyd. “The Endless River” will be released on November 10. Already the cover emblazoned huge on the facades and fire walls of houses in London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris, Milan or Berlin. As U2 recently for an estimated $ 100 million to Apple sold her new album, so the group was able to positively delight his customers so that was a social intrusiveness, nothing more. The cover of “The Endless River” but is a global aesthetic disaster.

All Ü40 world looks down. And then, this kick in the stomach. A slender man standing against a wooden paddle boat on a fluffy cloud just at the horizon of the sea setting sun. He wears fashionable cargo pants, his white shirt is open and is probably the late band member Richard Wright embody on his way to Hades. It could be from the cover of “Momentary Lapse of Reason” and the type. Or Konstantin Neven DuMont. Who never toyed with the idea, once firing a ground-to-air missile – which it wishes to be when you see the homepage. You click on them at your own risk, for there the horror is taken to the extreme, and the subject animated.

Aesthetically it reminds the pious illustrations in the “Watchtower”, the posters of horses Revue as “Apassionata” (“Time for Dreams”), to scenes from “Life of Pi: Life of Pi” – and unfortunately also very wayward Artwork by Pink Floyd, just think of the box set “Shine on”. Responsible for most and most groundbreaking cover of this band was the designer Storm Thorgerson and his company Hipgnosis. A hyper-realistic cow. A prism against black background. A burning man, the one not burning man shakes his hand. A flying pig about brutalist architecture. 700 real hospital beds on the beach. No special effects, no Photoshop, no optical tricks – real, large, iconic theater.

Cover of the new Pink Floyd album:Surreal botch the assembly line

Pink Floyd David Gilmore

Pink Floyd David Gilmore

As Bob Dylan lyrics, and the Beatles pop, so have Pink Floyd ever invented the art of the cover only. And with their music genre a majesty and dignity given, against the punk once rebelled and of which they now adopt voluntarily. Would Roger Waters already dead, he’d turn over in his grave. Syd Barrett is dead and long rotates like a dynamo, with its current a complete Pink Floyd laser light show could dine.

Thorgerson’s dead, why Hipgnosis sought even a successor who should convey the specific “feeling.” – And met “on the Internet” on using digital image processing together gleaned assembly line Kitsch of the hitherto unknown Egyptian Ahmed Emad Eldin. He is to make no reproach for his surreal botch. The young man is only 18 years old and belongs to the “Pink Floyd I did not know that P has nk a last name?!” – Generation.

But what does Pink Floyd – so the guitarist David Gilmour and his Wife – ridden, so to dig deep into the toilet? Instinct? Fatigue? The realization that a global product needs a global design, as also modern models of Jaguar or BMW based on the taste of Chinese Party bosses, Russian oligarchs or African despots?
Maybe it was British humor. Certainly, it is harder to remove from cerebral hard drive as the free U2 album from the library of the sight of the cover in its exquisite ugliness. In any case, the expectations of songs could hardly be lower, largely on discarded sketches for the poorest so far Pink Floyd album (“The Division Bell”, 1994) is based.

Maybe that’s why just now hope that us the great love has only played a trick. That there will be samples from the jazzy organ of the young Richard Wright, snatches of conversation from 1968 and cloudbursts, an ambience like Brian Eno and a pulse like The Orb, that “The Endless River” is surprisingly undoof and wide and warm. High Hopes, certainly. But there is absolutely no conceivable music that sounds like what this cover looks like.



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