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Ebola Panic in West Africa: Death Toll of Ebola Reaches 328 in Republic of Guinea in West Africa / Breaking News
05 Haziran, 2014 | 16:38


The world Health Organization officials in the Republic of Guinea have said that the deadly Ebola disease has killed 328 people since the disease was first reported early this year in the country.

Health authorities in southeastern forest region of Guinea first reported the disease in late February and early March this year and it became a panic for many nations particularly in the West African sub region.

Local reporters say 21 people died and 37 new cases of suspected Ebola were detected between 29 May and 1 June, bringing the total number of cases to 328. Reporters further add that more than half of the new deaths were in the southern Guekedou region. This is the region where the disease was first detected.

There have been some new cases of the virus in Sierra Leone and Liberia and officials say the disease seems to be spreading across West Africa day in and day out.

The disease was said to have mainly spread because victims had come into direct contact with the affected persons.

But Medics say the reason for the increase of the disease in Guinea is that some people are refusing to go to hospital for treatment, preferring to seek help from traditional healers. Some people believe the disease is spiritual.

Ebola is a deadly fever which causes an extremely severe disease in humans and in non-human primates in the form of viral hemorrhagic fever. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, high fever, general weakness, organ failure and heavy bleeding. There is no cure for Ebola and victim has only 10% of surviving.

Health experts say the disease is made up of a group of illnesses that are caused by several distinct families of viruses which result in severe multi-system syndrome, affecting the multiple organ systems in the body and damaging the overall vascular system causing the body to stop regulating itself.

Issaka Adams / NationalTurk Africa News

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