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Broadcasting and publishing ban for all -Emre Belozoglu Didier Zokora racist slur- related news in Turkey !
20 Nisan, 2012 | 16:24

Fenerbahce and Turkey’s Emre Belozoglu has been banned for two games ban for racially insulting Trabzonspor’s and Ivory Coast’s Didier Zokora by the Turkish Football Disciplinary Committee (PFDK) but an Istanbul court banned all -Emre Belozoglu Didier Zokora racist slur- related news from being published or broadcasted.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Emre Belozoglu racist slur to Zokora news cannot be published anymore due to a Istanbul court ruling. The court statement read the incident has been exaggerated since last Sunday’s Fenerbahce Trabzonspor match.

For the last time this is how the Emre Belozoglu Didier Zokora incident has unfolded this week :

It all started when Trabzonspor’s Zokora accused Emre of using a racial slur on him during Sunday’s Super Final game between the two heated rivals. ‘ Emre and I had an argument during the game. I beg your pardon for saying this, but he insulted me by calling me nigger,’ Zokora expressed.

The following day, ex-Newcastle United player Emre Belozoglu, who suffered a similar incident in UK, told a news conference he had abused Zokora verbally in English without using racist remarks, and that such abuse was common during matches.

On Thursday, Trabzonspor filed a civil law suit at an Istanbul court accusing Emre Belozoglu of racially abusing Didier Zokora.

Emre Belozoglu has denied racially abusing the Ivory Coast midfielder.’ If I have even the slightest bit of racism, may God take my heart away from this body,’ Emre said an added ‘ I did not call Zokora a f..g n…r i called him a prick’ Then he translated what prick means in Turkish.

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) subsequently referred the matter to the disciplinary committee, which decided on the ban on thursday evening. The statement on TFF’s website read ‘ Due to the insult to the player of the rival team, it has been decided with the majority of votes to punish Fenerbahce player Emre Belozoglu by sanctioning a ban for two official games.’

The penalty committee haven’t decided the abuse was racial, otherwise Emre Belozoglu could have received a severe ban of four to eight games.

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