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Tami Erin Pippi Longstocking known from the 1988 films star , in spite of all the efforts of sexy unable to prevent the publication of released sex tape. (Photos)


Tami Erin Pippi Longstocking known from the 1988 films star , in spite of all the efforts of sexy unable to prevent the publication of released sex tape. (Photos)

But the brave Pippi Longstocking time has long since left behind actress Tami Erin (39). The amerikaner Pippi turned a private sextape and wanted to prevent the publication, but it is now on the market.


Stockings Suspenders place: Erin personified as a young girl in the U.S. cult figure Pippilotta Rollgardina peppermint daughter Efraim Longstocking. Meanwhile, the actress has changed the genre. Now it draws attention to itself through a porno instead of children’s films.

The end of August it was revealed that Tami Erin is featured in a Schmuddelfilmchen. According to the celebrity portal “TMZ” she turned her amateur strip itself with her ​​then boyfriend. With this ex Erin is now at loggerheads. At that time, the actress wanted to prevent the publication of the piquant scenes – this project has failed.


And Pippi is reflected in the liberal movies of their most wicked side, lolling in black lace on the home bed.

To meet her new sexy image just, Tami Erin is now working diligently on a new image and the right look. At least it seems like you look at how they celebrate Halloween.

Half naked in a black puff of lace she writhes in Las Vegas in a sex club with porn star Joslyn James. This made ​​history as one of Tiger Woods’ (37) scandals in the past attention.


Then stripped in, which was actually just a guest of the Halloween party, supposedly still all present and even got a tip for their showpiece.

The star, who is described as being ‘irate’ blamed a ‘bitter ex-boyfriend’ for attempting to sell the tape.


‘I think he’s the biggest piece of s**t on the planet for doing this to me,’ she said.

The latest reports follow Tami’s arrest in April where she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her male roommate.


She later claimed she was acting in self defence, alleging the man had been secretly filming her, and that claims he was the victim of an assault were not true.

In a statement, Tami later said she caught the man ‘filming me without my knowledge in my private environment and I was defending myself.

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‘How much has he been filming me without my knowledge? The truth will come out,’ she added.

A representative for the actress said she was not nude at the time of the alleged filming.

Tami first broke into show business at the age of eight when she became a model and appeared in commercials.

Tami Erin-Sex-Tape-Photos-001

Her career watermark came when she played a nine-year-old with superhuman strength in the 1988 film adaptation of the beloved children’s books by the late Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.

Tami won the coveted part of Pippi out of more than 8,000 young actresses from around the world.

Erin most recent acting work was in the 2010 movie Tim & Eric’s Awesome Christmas Special starring Zach Galifianakis and John C. Reilly.

Watch Tami Erin Released Private Sex Tape

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  1. Why would she do something like this? I get it when someone like Kim Kardashian or Farrah Abraham does it to draw attention and make some quick cash, but why would an established actress and a mother do such a thing? I used to love Pippi Longstocking movie, but after this there’s no way I’m showing it to my kids cuz next thing you know they are on the internet searching for Pippi Longstocking and they find pippilongstockingporn.com instead.


  3. this is making her relevant again

  4. wow remember her from when I was younger, can’t believe she did this, but I’m so happy about it 🙂 I found some extra photos on

    btw I wish she made a follow up tape, with those two female pornstars

  5. Sorry people but sex shouldn’t be taboo. Do what you need to and block kids from the Internet. But accept the fact that people are sensual creatures. Being civilized doesn’t equate to repressing sex.



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