Sarah Scazzi, girl whose mother was informed of her death on live TV buried

Italian Sarah Scazzi Buried : Thousands of people were present at the funeral of, 15-year-old teenager, Sarah Scazzi whose mother had found out of her death on live TV.

Thousands of people were present at the funeral of, 15-year-old teenager, Sarah Scazzi whose mother had found out of her death on live TV.

Presenter of the show Chi l'ha Visto, which informed Concetta Serrano of her daughters death on Live TV.

Scazzi’s story and the way her mother was informed of the school-girls death, captivated the Italian public in horror as the truth of the teenagers death emerged.

The school girl was last seen on the 26th of August at the town of Avetrana in South France.

After no success by the police the mother came on as a guest on an Italian TV show to appeal for her daughter’s safe return.

However, Concetta Serrano the mother of the teenager, was informed on live TV that her daughter had been found dead and that the prime suspect in the murder was her brother-in-law.

The shocked mother was first heard saying “I can’t believe it,” and even protecting her sister’s husband whose kitchen she was sitting at when the news was given to her.

The TV show was also slammed by critics and the public after the mother was kept on the live coverage for several minutes before the shows reporter asked if she would like the filming to be stopped.

Murdered 15-year-old Sarah Scazzi whose uncle is the prime suspect.

The prime suspect of the murder of Sarah Scazzi, who is also her uncle, Michele Misseri had directed the police officers to where the girl’s body was after interrogation by the police.

It has been alleged that the uncle had tried to have sex with the young girl and after she refused, he killed her.

The trial of Mr Misseri will start soon according to Italian media and he is expected to receive at least a life term in jail.

Police are also trying to determine if the aunt of the murdered girl had any involvement in her death.

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  1. Ok, one thing doesn’t make sense in this story. How was she told during live tv while she was on a show, yet she was also sitting in the uncles’s kitchen when the news was given to her? Which one is it?

  2. she was sitting in the uncles’s kitchen and there was a journalist..she wasnt in the studio, she was just linked up with it (dont know if its a corret english, hope you understand).

  3. Avetrana is in South Italy.

  4. Sarah Scazzi…di sti cazzi

  5. The italian people talk to much

  6. Sabrina Misseri
    l@ ciccion@
    la maialona grassa
    la chiattona assassina

  7. Avetrana is in Puglia
    south Italy

  8. Sarah Scazzi
    very ugly surname
    Sara S…cazzi

  9. Scazzi
    mamma mia..che cognome orrendo!



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