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With the better weather in the spring, the number of refugees in the Mediterranean is growing rapidly. In the last two days alone, attacked the Italian Navy 4000 people from partially unseaworthy boats. “The state of emergency is getting bigger,” complains Interior Minister Alfano.

Thousands of refugees have been taken within 48 hours of the Italian Navy and merchant vessels in the Mediterranean on board. Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano was the number of migrants who have been rescued from the sometimes unseaworthy boats, on Wednesday in Rome 4000.

On one of the boats that sail upon the sea in Africa, said to have been found dead according to him at least one migrant. “The arrival of boats does not stop, and the emergency is getting bigger,” said the minister.

Two merchant ships were on Wednesday morning yet, take a total of more than 650 people alone from two boats. Italian Navy reported of further bailouts in the previous night.

Mediterranean Illegal Immigrants:Intelligence warned weeks ago

Since the beginning of more than 15,000 refugees in Italy already arrived. In 2013 there were in the first three months just 735 In particular, the number of refugees from Syria increased dramatically. Last year, 56,000 Syrians fled before the Civil War and sought asylum in Europe or in the USA. Also from Libya want to get away many people. According to Alfano are up to 600,000 Libyans ready to flee to Europe. The EU must take the problem in attack , urged Prime Minister Alfano .

Already a few weeks ago , the Italian secret service had sounded the alarm : Thousands of refugees were already waiting in North Africa it to start their risky trip to the Promised Europe. Especially refugees from Syria would bring the people smugglers a lot of money.

Since then, the Italian coast guard no longer scare and chase away the fragile refugee ships should , but will save the refugees in distress , the risk of course, still dangerous journey decreases slightly . In the fall of 2013 more than 400 refugees arrived in several serious accidents off the coast of Italy lost their lives. The Italian government initiated an use “Mare Nostrum ” , are used in the warships , drones and helicopters with infrared and optical equipment to make boatloads of refugees identified.

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