Serbian anti-gay protesters cause riot at Belgrade during Gay-Pride march

Anti-gay protesters in Serbia have clashed with police after a group amassed to disrupt the Gay Pride march in Belgrade on Sunday.

Video : Gay Pride violence in Belgrade as Protesters attack riot police

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Riot police were already deployed amid predictions that there may be protesters against the march organized for the first time since 2001.

Riot police clash with anti-gay protesters in Belgrade, Serbia.

However, the predictions were unfortunately true after a huge amount of anti-gay protesters emerged and were shouting homophobic chants.

Soon after clashes between the protesters, who were literally there to start a fight and the police begun to erupt.

The prepared group well over a thousand had come prepared with bottles, petrol bombs and stones and even set fire to the offices of Democratic Party who are currently the ruling party in Serbia.

Cars were also overturned and set fire to further down the streets as the Parade was getting closer.

The march had not been organized since 2001 after far right groups had caused huge damage in the capital due to the Gay Pride march.

Nine years down the line, not much had changed as over 100 people were reported injured, mostly police officers.

Some officers were received medical treatment on the spot where as one Police officer with full riot gear was filmed with blood gushing out of his mouth after a stone had hit him.

Police also reported that over 100 arrests were made.

While the march began after Vincent Degert, head of the EU mission in Serbia made a speech the anti-gay groups started to shout homophobic words out and tried to get closer to the Gay-Pride marchers.

However the heavily guarded march turned into violence after police officers intervened.

Mr Degert who is the head of the campaign to try and add Serbia as an EU Member told the crowd “We are here to celebrate the values of tolerance, freedom of expression and assembly.”

It is not yet known if the Gay-Pride march will be organized again next year.

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