Teacher beating student, attack caught filmed by fellow student

Teacher beats student Video : Video footage of a teacher beating a 13-year-old student in class has caused outrage in the United States.

Video footage of a teacher beating a 13-year-old student in class has caused outrage in the United States.

Video Footage of Teacher beating boy

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A 13-year-old boy was beaten by his teacher after making fun of another student in which a fellow student filmed on her cell phone camera.

Teacher attacking child in class

Teacher attacking child in class

The students had first thought it was a joke played by the teacher with laughing and giggling heard in the background but soon it was realized that the teacher was perfectly serious.

The incident which took place on 29th April at the Jamie’s House Charter School, in Houston, Texas, has outraged the child mother who has since complained to the Harris County Sheriff’s office with a sworn statement from the child.

The incident occurred during a party in which students were celebrating the competition of TAKS testing.

Sherri Davis, the teacher in question suddenly snapped when she caught Isaiah Johnson, the 13-year-old boy making fun of a fellow student.

Davis was seen on the video, lifting a table which was between Johnson and her, and chucking it across the class. She then cornered the young child who may have behavioral problems, slid the child on the floor.

She is then seen jokingly slapping and kicking him, but for reasons unknown, she suddenly got more physical by kicking him slapping him and then slamming his body to the ground which caused the young boy to hit his head on the wall.

What is more disturbing is that, the school in which the incident occurred, is a special school for students at risk and have disabled children as well as children with behavioral problems.

The mother of the child, Alesha Johnson, who did not know of the incident until she saw the video footage was outraged and asked for the teacher to be imprisoned.

Alesha Johnson said “It’s horrifying, he had bruises on his side where she was kicking him. He had a knock on his head, and he had a black eye,”
“There is nothing they can say, a grown-up beating on a child is not right,”

“Not even I beat on my son, so what gives her the right,”

Another very disturbing information about the attack was that according to Isaiah Johnson, other teachers and grown up’s were present during the attack and did nothing.

The teacher in question has since been fired from her job.

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  2. I would have beat her azz if I was in the room and the teachers watching needz and old fasions azz kikin. A kid no matter what dont deserve that expesially a special one…….

  3. CANCERISNOTFUNNY May 25, 2010, 3:02 am

    shut up

  4. probably was being a shit head…when my rents went to school they would catch an ass woopin from teachers if they didn’t behave…should be the same now.

  5. this is outraged and she not only needs to be fired she needs to be put under the jail but if that was my child and she beat like that she wouldnt have to worry bout jail she would have to worry bout me beating her ass and she be taking away in a bag.. This is just awful

  6. what a crazy bitch !

  7. Chater schools think they can get away with everythingincluding hiring teachers without proper certifications. Public school are different because they hire higly qualify teachers that know how to deal with this kind of students and parents. It is so sad that we have to use our taxes for chater schools instead of providing more support and money to the pucblic school. Alsopublic charters not only select and decide who they want in their schools and are free to implement their own disicipline tha who knows may include what you saw in this video. Charter schools are the worst eduactional providers.

  8. this teacher deserves to be shot i think. at the very least beat Unconscious. she thinks she is a hard ass cuz she can beat on a kid. she is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  9. I don’t understand what gives her the right to even touch him even if at first it was just a threat. No one should lay a finger on a child even if it’s their own kid. I would say lock her up it was inexcusable behavior. I don’t care what the kid has done or said to deserve it!

  10. I feel this conduct is inexcusable and the teacher in question should be suspended for her conduct for mistreating this student and charges for domestic violence. It was wrong on her part and should not go without action against her.

  11. Bill What an idiotic Comment :/

  12. Lol. This little shit probably deserved it about time a teacher shows some little shit his place.

  13. Bill there is a reason why teachers are not allowed to beat the students anymore-its called rights and common sense! How would you like to be beat? You wouldn’t, obviously. Being beat can cause him not only physical pain, but also mental dammage. What happened in the past is the past and cannot be changed, but the future certainly can be alot brighter. It is people like you that are the reason the world is advancing so slowly.

  14. That teacher should be imorissoned, for life, the kid has problems, he doesn’t need a stupid teacher attacking him, he banged his head off the wall, that could of killed him.



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