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Turkish Giant Galatasaray transfer to former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba / Transfer News
27 Ocak, 2013 | 00:45

Galatasaray in talks with Didier Drogba  The Ivory Coast international is accepted Turkish club 6 million Euro transfer bid.

Wesley Sneijder has recently been laced shoes for Galatasaray, now might be another big name change to the Bosporus.
Drogba’s agent Pierre Firelot to have met after information of the Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet” already with Galatasaray president Unal Aysal.

Accordingly, the Ivorian striker was not unwilling to go to the Super League champions.

Didier Drogba is linked to his current employer Shanghai Shenhua until December 2014. For a purchase would have “Galatasaray” to transfer some ten million euros. Therefore, the association prefers initially a loan until end of season, in which Drogba to earn two million euros.

Galatasaray Chairman Unal Aysal is a big fan of the 34-year-old and should have tried two years ago to bring the striker to the Bosphorus. Further negotiations will take place on the edge of the African Cup, in which the former Chelsea Anfreifer bored moment. Galatasaray will also have an eye cast on Drogba compatriot and national team team-mate Kolo Toure of Manchester City.

In the Chinese Super League Drogba met eight times in eleven games. In his Premiership time the Ivorians reach 100 goals in 226 games.

Didier Drogba wants to return to Europe again therefore he is  accepted the attractive offer of  Galatasaray.

The Ivorian’s is expected to sign the agreement within 2 days

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1 Yorum

  1. David - 27 Ocak 2013

    Galatasaray is very good sport clubs.

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