Turkish reaction on Turkey Twitter-lock: “Let your bird chirping” / Breaking News

Turkish PM Erdogan leaves the access to Twitter lock. But instead of going on the road, make critics about this step funny – especially on Twitter. You Post cartoons and jokes. The Turks show humor at its best.


Turkish PM Erdogan leaves the access to Twitter lock. But instead of going on the road, make critics about this step funny – especially on Twitter. You Post cartoons and jokes. The Turks show humor at its best.

Should the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have ever hoped to provoke with the boom of Twitter new protests and to present the critics as violent rioters a week before the local elections, the shot is huge backfired. Because with this step he has made to a figure of fun, the authors, artist, cabaret and thousands of imaginative citizens drives to comedic excellence. The humorous resistance blossoms.

Instead of going on the road, the net overflows with jokes, sayings and instructions on how to bypass the blockage. Someone spray-painted on a house wall, “Let your bird chirping.” Among them are two numbers, called DNS numbers by which you can bypass the Twitter-lock. The information can now be found on the net again – and just over the short message service, a user has sent them out into the world.

The Twitter-blockade in Turkey invites creativity straighten out. Especially popular is the subject of a half moon, one of them flying bird – wants to eat – the logo of the company Twitter. One of the many distortions of the Turkish national flag. Time to facilitate birds over Erdogan’s head, sometimes shoots Erdogan on a bird sitting on his foot. There is the Twitter bird as Hitler – “Twitler”. And a parody of “Yes we can” motif of U.S. President Barack Obama now with Erdogan’s likeness: “Yes, we ban”


Every day new ideas. It seems as if there not the Twitter-lock. The users interact tricky the blockade, use proxy server and VPN connections and sending eagerly pointers on how best to continue to be active on the short message service. On Friday, the first day of the barrier, around 1.2 million tweets in Turkey were, according to Sysomos, a company that analyzes the data in social media, deposed by Twitter. On normal days without a lock while there are 1.8 million, but it was a significant number.

” The people flee from despair and anger in the humor,” says Hamburg author and comedian Kerim Pamuk , who was born on the Turkish Black Sea coast. “So considering the location withstands well , you get the feeling of being able to defend themselves . ” Authoritarian behavior , there have always existed in Turkey , and even earlier the people had responded with jokes and cartoons. “At that time they were forbidden then just that journal and threw the signatories to jail. ” Today we make the Internet easier to spread criticism. ” And Erdogan makes world’s ridiculous ,” says Pamuk .


Also Baris Uygur , co-founder of the satirical magazine ” Uykusuz ” sees social media as an opportunity for it to drain in a humorous way pressure. ” How we deal with the Turks situation , I find impressive, but not surprising . ” When there was only the state radio and the state- controlled press , which had been difficult. “Even today you can find on television and in newspapers but little criticism of Erdogan. ” Because most of the media are still controlled by the government , and who reported critical system must reckon with , at the request of the government of losing his job or even land you in jail . Journalism is a dangerous business in Turkey – so criticism is funny packed .

The humor tradition in Turkey goes way back. Even in the Ottoman Empire sultans talking something like court jesters. Famous are also the stories of Nasreddin Hodja, who in the 14th Century is said to have driven his worst. He was the oriental Till Owls mirroring, who played his fellow pranks and brought them with his jokes for thought.

Turkey Twitter Ban:Headlines and Scandals

Erdogan’s critics also want to stimulate thought and have gotten in the past few months a lot of opportunity. The government always provides headlines and scandals:

* In the summer of 2013, the guide suggested the Gezi protests against the authoritarian style of government of Erdogan down brutally,

* For months, there are allegations of corruption against several ministers, the prime minister and his family,
Erdogan delivers itself in a bitter power struggle with the Gülen movement,

* A 15-year-old boy died recently after nine months in a coma after he was hit by a tear gas projectile police.

So far, none of the political leaders has drawn from a number of incidents of consequences : There was no withdrawal , not even an apology , nothing. It is a godsend for satirical magazines that are booming now. Also critical of the government newspapers outdo each other with cartoons. The sheet ” Sözcü ” printed on its front page , for example, a drawing from which Erdogan shows as Sultan , who just heads the Twitter Bird with a sword.

The pressure seems to have an effect. On Sunday, President Abdullah Gül announced that his office stand in conjunction with staff of Twitter, ” to end this bitter situation ” . He also disagreed with Erdogan , who had said that access was blocked because Twitter had refused to order Turkish dishes to remove individual messages. Erdogan wants to prevent the spread of illegally recorded through and uploaded to YouTube videos.

President Gul said on Sunday that it was ” legally impossible ” to block the Internet and sites like Twitter.



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