$7.1 billion acquisition from Roche

Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche announced that an agreement was reached to acquire Telavant Holding, which develops drugs for inflammatory bowel diseases, for $7.1 billion.

According to the statement made by Roche, the company’s board of directors approved the agreement to purchase Telavant Holding, owned by US biotechnology companies Roivant Holdings and Pfizer, for $ 7.1 billion. Additionally, Roche will pay an additional $150 million.

The agreement is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024, after obtaining the necessary permits.

According to the purchase agreement, Roche will obtain the right to develop, manufacture and commercialize an experimental antibody, RVT-3101, in the United States and Japan.

Inflammatory bowel disease is known as a health problem that occurs as a result of inflammation in the inner lining of the intestines. Weakening of the immune system, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, stress, genetics and the use of some medications are among the causes of inflammatory bowel disease.

According to Roche, approximately 8 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease.

Meanwhile, Roche reported that RVT-3101 also has the potential to be used in the treatment of many other diseases.


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