Act immediately if there are stains in the mouth

If you notice spots or other changes in your mouth, you should definitely check this out with your dentist. Because these can be signs of oral cavity cancer.

As with any form of cancer, the same applies to oral cavity cancer: the earlier the tumor is discovered, the better the chances of recovery. Therefore, according to the ProDente initiative, it is important to have the oral cavity examined by the dentist.

Changes in the oral mucosa

This is particularly important if you notice a change in your oral mucosa that lasts longer than two weeks.

Because white or red spots, but also rough, thickened, hardened, retracted or discolored areas or ulcers can indicate a disease of the oral cavity. According to the information, this also applies if the area does not hurt.

Go to check-ups regularly

Since it is easy to overlook changes in the oral cavity, you should have the recommended check-ups at the dentist twice a year.

Smoking, along with alcohol consumption, is considered a risk factor for oral cavity cancer. Although filterless or strong cigarettes are particularly dangerous, the vapor from e-cigarettes can also contain carcinogenic or inflammatory substances, according to ProDente.

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