Amateur Jesus Fresco Artist asking for compensation

ecce homo ruined spanish fresco support
ecce homo ruined spanish fresco support

1 months ago  a famous Spanish fresco with prized Jesus Christ destroyed by elderly Spanish amateur woman. Now pensioner who ruined a fresco of Jesus is asking for royalties after her church began charging visitors to see her handiwork.

A pensioner who horrified the congregation of her local church in Spain with a disastrous attempt to restore a fresco of Jesus, has reportedly struck again.

According to Spanish website, 81-year-old Cecilia Gimenez has demanded royalties for her handiwork, after the Sanctuary of Mercy church decided to charge visitors to see the painting.

The decision apparently angered Ms Gimenez, who believed she should be rewarded for her attempt to restore Ecce Homo to its original state, after the painting began to peel.

The fresco, originally by Elijah Garcia Martinez, had been admired in the church in the northern city of Zaragoza for 120 years.

When Ms Gimenez’s restoration tragedy became public it caused a sensation. Pictures of her work were published in newspapers around the world, including Iran, China and the Virgin Islands.

Tourists and visitors eager to see the famous fresco soon flocked to the church, which then began charging for admission.

According to reports, the church collected 2,000 euros in the first four days.

Ms Gimenez is said to have become a recluse after news of her astonishing art skills became public. Her supporters have even set up a Facebook fan page for her.

“For all the fans of Cecilia Gimenez, who noticed that an oil painting of Jesus Christ on the wall of her local church near Zaragoza was deteriorating and decided to take it upon herself to fix the 120-year-old fresco,” it says.

Wine maker Bodegas Ruberte have even launched an Ecce Homo vintage to cash-in on the story.

A statement on their website said: “Some works remain unchanged over the years. Others, such as Ecce Homo, are interpreted to write a new chapter in its history.

“A story that is part of the land of Garnacha, and that inspires the creation of a wine, whose freshness and boldness combined with more traditional processes to reveal the pleasure that newfound taste”.

A group of painters calling themselves Wall People have set-up a wall in honour of Ms Gimenez’s work where fans can post pictures and postcards of her fresco.

Spanish graffiti artists The Graffiti Company have also paid tribute to Ms Gimenez by creating a mural depicting her alongside her Ecce Homo artwork.

The Santi Spiritus Hospital Foundation, the owner of the church, has reportedly instructed a solicitor to handle Ms Gimenez’s remuneration demand.

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