Angela Ermakova: Boris Becker’s ex unpacks about his money problems

It all started with a knockout defeat at Wimbledon. After that, Boris Becker ended up with a woman in a broom closet. Suddenly Angela Ermakova was famous. Now the affair of yore is talking about the process in London.

Boris Becker’s fling in 1999 dominated the headlines for weeks. The then-celebrated tennis star had sex with a model in London shortly after his knockout knockout defeat at Wimbledon. The myth of the broom closet was born, because the affair between Becker and Angela Ermakova resulted in a child. Today their daughter Anna is 22 years old and, like her mother, now works as a model.

The fact that Boris Becker cheated on his then wife Barbara Becker is no longer an issue more than 20 years later. The fact that the tennis legend has to sweep up the pieces of her career today is all the more important. Because in the process for his statements in the insolvency proceedings, which included 24 charges, he was found guilty in four cases – read more about this here. On April 29, London’s South Crown Court is scheduled to announce whether Becker should go to jail or get away with parole.

Now, of all times, his affair is talking about him, the process and above all: about his money problems. Angela Ermakova gave an interview to the “Bild” newspaper. In it she shows, among other things, “sympathy” for Boris Becker and explains: “It is very sad that his glorious career had to suffer such a sharp slump.” She also knows very well “what it’s like to be publicly humiliated”. The Russian-born judged that it was a “very severe punishment”.

“He came to me in 2015 to borrow money”

She even helped him during the process, the 54-year-old reveals. “I did what I could to resolve the situation with the so-called luxury apartment he never owned and I am pleased that he has been found not guilty on those charges.”

But it only gets really exciting when Angela Ermakova talks about an episode from 2015. At that time, according to her description, Boris Becker approached her because he needed money. “He came to me in 2015 and several times since then to lend me money that he wanted to pay me back,” she says, before adding, “He wanted to use our apartment as security, but of course I had to refuse.” Now she hopes only the best for Becker – and that with a bit of luck he will only get a suspended sentence.

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