Available from summer: Mercedes shows new GLC

Mercedes is preparing to launch the new GLC. Everything on the new one is a little bigger than on the previous one. The successful SUV should be available to order before the summer holidays and will go on sale in the fall.

It is the blockbuster from Mercedes: the mid-size SUV GLC. Now a new generation is in the starting blocks. Mercedes has not yet announced prices for the new vehicle. But because the GLC is getting a little bigger and has more equipment, the current 48,141 euros for the basic model are unlikely to be sustainable.

Optimized in the wind tunnel and designed to be a little beefier with a higher hood, the GLC grows to 4.72 meters with the generation change. That’s two centimeters longer wheelbase and six centimeters longer. The should primarily benefit the backbenchers and the trunk: which increases by around ten percent to 600 liters.

Digital times in the interior

There is also a fully digitized cockpit with a flat screen behind the steering wheel. The touchscreen literally grows out of the center console. In addition to the MBUX infotainment system, this also runs a new assistance system.

When driving off-road and when maneuvering with cameras, this can enable a view through the bonnet onto the road. Several camera images then produce an image in which the bonnet appears transparent, allowing a view under the car in front.

Large range of combustion engines

Technically, the GLC is again closely related to the C-Class, for example it also uses its rear-axle steering, but some have different engines with more displacement. So it starts with a 2.0-liter petrol engine with 204 hp or 258 hp and a 2.0-liter diesel.

This is available with 197 hp or 265 hp. Unlike the C-Class, a six-cylinder diesel will follow later. Project manager Peter Kolb announced that it would have a displacement of three liters and produce more than 300 hp.

All combustion engines are electrified with a 48-volt network and are supported by a 23-hp electric motor, the engineer continues. For the 219 to 240 km/h fast starting engines, Mercedes promises consumption values ​​of 7.3 liters of petrol or 5.2 liters of diesel. That corresponds to CO2 emissions of 167 or 136 g/km.

The models with plugs also offer more variety

In order to bridge the gap to the electric future, the GLC is also available again as a plug-in hybrid – this time with more choice and more range. According to Mercedes, it combines two petrol engines and one diesel, each with a 136 hp electric motor and a battery of around 32 kWh.

This allows the GLC to reach speeds of up to 140 km/h and a range of over 100 kilometers electrically. The system output is between 313 hp and 381 hp, the top speed is between 218 and 237 km/h and the consumption is at best 0.5 liters (CO2 emissions: 13 g/km.)


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