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Azerbaijan Team Ravan Baku Signed With Turkish Coach Cevat Guler

In 2008, the champion Galatasaray who have major roles in maintaining Cevat Güler  league in Azerbaijan

In the Galatasaray, who provided the infrastructure of the education of many stars like Arda Turan and a miracle championship in 2008, signing with Galatasaray last 7 weeks, experienced technical man Ravan Cevat Guler  teams of  Ravan  Baku in League of  Azerbaijan become coach.

Cevat Guler after his championship in 2008 with Galatasaray, no team to deal Cevat Guler providing a three-year deal with the Baku Ravan team in the exclusive position of the transfer.

Ravan Baku, Azerbaijan  ‘finished in eighth place out last season. Baku Ravan team colors yellow red like Galatasaray



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