Obama Also Losing His Appeal in New Delhi India

New Delhi, Oct 31 The notion that President Barack Obama is somehow the champion of radical political change in the US is also being questioned in India, where the White House tenant is expected in a state visit next week.

Can it be that the US people forged a myth so powerful that the real man is unable to match?, wonders Barkha Dutt in her Saturday column in Hindustan Times, while expressing disenchantment with Obama’s change since his 2009 inauguration.

The renown Indian journalist even concedes she cried with joy when Obama was officially declared the first African-American President of the United States, because she, like millions of hopefuls, believed he would be able to set new horizons.

Two years ago Barack Obama was a strong inspiration, a symbol of multiculturalism, but he himself now distances himself from what made him unique, says Dutt as she muses about his fading charisma.

His campaign catch phrase “Yes we can” has mutated to something like “Maybe we could have, butâ��”, while the President himself grows uneasy inside his own skin.

The analyst is particularly incisive on Obama’s refusal to visit the Sikh Golden Temple on his up-coming state visit to India, fearing the mandatory head scarf would remind him of his Muslim ancestry.

By deciding not to enter the Golden Temple he projects himself as a president who, apart from not being able to distinguish between the Sikh religion and Islam, ends up being equally offensive to both religions, warns Dutt, who wonders where the audacity of hope gone, evoking the title of his memoirs.

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