Bayern Munich Champions of Bundesliga, Van Gaal speech

Bayern Munich became champions of the Bundesliga last week for the 22nd time after completing the league with 70 points, with closest rivals Schalke, five points adrift.

Bayern Munich receiving the shield after being declared the champions of the Bundesliga
Bayern Munich receiving the shield after being declared the champions of the Bundesliga

The Bayern side that has been criticized greatly in recent years after poor performances in domestic competitions and Europe has come back to their senses with a possible treble in the midst’s.

Without any doubt, one of the main orchestrators of Bayern’s triumph this season was the enigmatic Louis van Gaal who showed his excellence through and throughout the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League.

Bayern Munich will now face Werder Bremen who finished the league in third position with 61 points, on Saturday in the German Cup Final and should they win they will be one Champions League Final win away from having an unprecedented treble.

Now all Bayern’s got to do is beat Bremen on 15th May and then follow the feat at the Bernabeu against Inter Milan in the Champions League Final.

But enough of that. Germany is right now too pre-occupied with Van Gaal and his antics at the celebrations of the Bayern Munich.

Van Gall during his speech to the Bayern Munich faithful looked like a boozed up fan then one of the best managers in our present day. However I suppose your allowed to have some fun occasionally.

Van Gall said “I would first like to say, I noticed there are many women here, and also many mothers too, we send all of them kisses from the manager and the champions.” to the thousands of fans beneath the balcony

Van Gall continued “ Who has the best defense, (Bayern!!!! Shouts the crowd), who has the best attack (Bayern!!!! shouts the crowd) and this is why we are the champions. Not just in Munich but in Gelsenkirchen, Bremen, Hamburg, we are the best. We are the best in Germany, and maybe we will be the best in Europe.

The reason behind Van Gaal’s sudden outburst regarding the defense and attack of the team was the criticism he has received all season of the poor defense and attacking force of the team and because Bremen was chosen as the team with the best attack.

However the irony of the whole matter is that, Bayern has concede the least goals in the Bundesliga along with Schalke with 31 goals. Bayern have also scored the most goals with the German giants netting the ball 72 times this season against Bremen’s 71 goals.

Bellow you can see Van Gaal’s speech and celebrations of the German Champions, Bayern Munich.

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