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Sexiest Women of The 21st Century Beyonce returned to us all its magnificence to again, and was the covergirl of GQ magazine One year after her baby Blue Ivy birth.

GQ has officially released Beyonce’s bootylicious cover of its February “The 100 Sexiest Women of The 21st Century” issue. Enjoy!

When we delivered the incredible Beyonce image from the cover of GQ magazine on Wednesday, we didn’t know what additional plans the magazine had in store for their coverage of the singer. We were so taken with the image, it didn’t really matter.

Wowzas! The internet is abuzz with the image of a nearly naked Beyonce covering what could be GQ’s February issue.

She’s a bit more covered up than Rihanna’s racy cover for the glossy, but that’s not saying much considering the image that’s been circulating.

On the potential cover, the 31-year-old singer is seen showing off her Bootylicious body in a cropped peek-a-boob athletic tee (she’s clearly getting ready for her major Super Bowl performance), red leopard panties with zipper pockets (feisty and functional) and plenty of bling (“All Gold Everything”).

Thanks for renewing our New Year’s resolution to hit the gym, Bey! And lest we forget, she gave birth to Blue Ivy a mere 366 days ago. Ugh.

There’s no confirmation on whether this is indeed GQ’s official February issue, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, feast your eyes on what might be Beyonce’s sexiest cover ever–unless Vogue ups the ante.

Beyonce also teased her upcoming Super Bowl performance, saying she’s prepped like many of the players you’ll see on the field.

“One of the reasons I connect to the Super Bowl is that I approach my shows like an athlete,” she said. “You know how they sit down and watch whoever they’re going to play and study themselves? That’s how I treat this. I watch my performances, and I wish I could just enjoy them, but I see the light that was late. I see, ‘Oh God, that hair did not work.’ Or ‘I should never do that again.’ I try to perfect myself. I want to grow, and I’m always eager for new information.”

The work ethic has been something that’s been obvious since Beyonce was a young girl. Her younger sister Solange Knowles recalls “early-on memories” of Beyonce trying to nail performances.

“I specifically remember her taking a line out of a song or a routine and just doing it over and over and over again until it was perfect and it was strong,” Knowles said. “At age 10, when everybody else was ready to say, ‘Okay, I’m tired, let’s take a break,’ she wanted to continue — to ace it and overcome it.”

The February issue of GQ is available on newsstands Jan. 22.

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