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Born in Middle Earth, is a Besiktas fan now ! Viggo Mortensen enjoys Istanbul, follows Besiktas games at Inönü

Viggo Mortensen among Besiktas fans, he is in the middle of them posing as an eagle, the symbol of Besiktas
Viggo Mortensen among Besiktas fans, he is in the middle of them posing as an eagle, the symbol of Besiktas

As Viggo Mortensen resides nowadays in Istanbul for his latest flick ‘ Two Faces of January ‘, he became a regular fan of Besiktas JK. The star of Lord of the Rings saga enjoys Turkish football frequentlyat Besiktas’ temple, the Inönü Stadium.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Viggo Mortensen is in Istanbul for the shooting of his latest film ‘ Two faces of January ‘, based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith. The Danish-American actor who is best known for playing Aragorn in Lord of the Rings trilogy, plays the male lead.

Apart from being at the film set, spreading all across Istanbul he also enjoyed some Turkish football. Viggo Mortensen was at Koç Museum on the Golden Horn the day the filming started for ‘Two faces in January’, then in the Rüstem Pasha Mosque in Eminonu district.

Mortensen visited then the Grand Bazaar, where he was introduced to Besiktas as he was given a football shirt of the club imprinted with his name.

Viggo Mortensen followed then his new team’s next two games at the historical Inönü Stadium, ‘ the temple of Besiktas fans’.  He throughly enjoyed the thrill among Besiktas fans, cheered and chanted with them. Besiktas fans showed Viggo Mortensen great interest and gave the Hollywood star Besiktas scarves and shirts and have taken photos with him, lots of photos. He watched two games at the stadium Besiktas vs Mersin Idmanyurdu and a most tense and fun game vs Bursaspor, a meek team that somehow thinks they are arch-rivals of Besiktas Istanbul. The game ended 3-3, Viggo found plenty of excitment, probably more than he wished for.

In “Two Faces of January” Kirsten Dunst plays the female lead. Dunst is due to arrive in Istanbul in the coming days.

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