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Brazilians Threats After Neymar Foul: Police protection for violators Zúñiga / Breaking News


He kicked star striker Neymar from the tournament – and is now even under police protection: Colombian defender Juan Camilo Zúñiga must be guarded in his home of ten policemen. He receives threats from angry fans.

The Colombian defender Juan Camilo Zúñiga gets after a foul on Brazil’s star striker Neymar police protection in his home country. Ten security forces guarding the professional footballer who currently spend a few days in his hometown Chigorodó. This was confirmed by the police in Colombia.

Zúñiga had his opponent in the quarterfinals Neymar rammed his knee in the back and it broke a lumbar vertebra. The Brazilian fell out for the rest of the World Cup. Zúñiga, who plays for SSC Napoli, was threatened on social networks.

“The Colombian Football Federation rejects the threats and insults against the player Camilo Zúñiga and his family,” it said in a statement. The Association will take together with the competent authorities measures to guarantee security for Zúñiga can. This applies both for his stay in Colombia as well as in Italy, where the football player has his residence.

The police were prepared, stressed police chief Rodolfo Palomino. “The players are protected throughout the country. Fanatical There are fans, and therefore we must be very careful.” Zúñiga said himself that he had never had any intention of hurting Neymar. In a letter he wished him a speedy recovery.

On Monday, the Foreign Ministry in Bogota had asked the Italian authorities to ensure the safety Zúñiga. In a statement, the Ministry referred to the circulating in the social networks threats. Even the private address Zúñiga was published on Twitter.

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