Bushfires in Australia continue to spread

A major bushfire in the Australian state of Victoria has already devastated 11,000 hectares. More than 2,000 people are on the run. Strong winds make it difficult to fight the flames.

A bushfire continues to spread in the Australian state of Victoria. A rural region not far from the city of Ballarat, northwest of Melbourne, is affected.

More than 2,000 people are on the run. At least one house was destroyed, but authorities expect more extensive damage. The fire has already devastated 11,000 hectares of land.

Around 1,000 firefighters, hundreds of fire engines and four large tanker aircraft are fighting the flames. The cause of the bush fire is unclear. High temperatures and strong winds quickly pushed the fire front forward on Thursday.

The temperatures have now fallen, but because the winds do not let up, the fire brigades are expecting a difficult fight against the flames. People unable to flee have been asked to seek shelter in houses.

Thousands Evacuated as Australia Bushfire Burns Out of Control

More than 2,000 residents of Australia’s Victoria state were under evacuation orders on Thursday due to an out of control bushfire.

Residents of Beaufort, Raglan and surrounding areas were encouraged by the state emergency service to leave and head east toward Melbourne while it was safe to do so, reported Reuters.

“Leaving immediately is the safest option for those communities,” said State Premier Jacinta Allan in a news conference, as Reuters reported. “If you are located in these areas, please heed this advice, please act now to save your own life.”

The fire near Beaufort and Raglan covered more than 17,297 acres, according to The Age.

Jason Heffernan, chief officer of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) told Melbourne radio station 3AW that Lexton and Amphitheatre to the north of the fire, as well as Burrumbeet and Addington to the east, were currently the most threatened.

Wind gusts as high as 31 miles per hour had been making the fires more difficult to fight, Heffernan said.

“Thankfully, just before going on air here tonight, I’ve started to get some initial [intelligence that] those winds are dropping,” Heffernan said, as reported by The Age.

Smoke, ash and embers from the blaze were being seen in neighboring communities, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said.

In Tasmania, emergency and watch alerts, as well as smoke advisories, were in effect.

“People at higher risk from the effects of smoke, including those with medical conditions, should enact their personal plan for avoiding smoke and managing their health,” advised TasALERT, according to ABC. “People traveling in the area should be careful if driving in smoke. Turn on your headlights, drive slowly and be aware of emergency services in the area.”

Chris Hardman, chief of Forest Fire Management Victoria, told ABC Melbourne radio the bushfire was being fought by more than 1,000 firefighters.

In addition, more than 100 vehicles and 24 aircraft were providing support, with more on the way, according to Allan, as Reuters reported.

Approximately 12,355 acres were burning to the northwest of Ballarat, with another similarly sized area burning out of control to the west.

Several districts were under extreme fire danger warnings issued by the Bureau of Meteorology because of hot, dry winds and a risk of thunderstorms.

Heffernan expressed gratitude to firefighters and other emergency workers in a social media post.

“Two words ‘Thank You’! to all emergency service personnel on the fire line today and tonight. It’s not over by far as many are putting their lives at risk as I type, to fight for Beaufort, Lexton, Raglan and surrounding communities,” Heffernan posted on X.

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