Cathy Hummels has to call an ambulance

Cathy Hummels: The fit of laughter had serious consequences

Cathy Hummels enjoys spending time with her son Ludwig. She is not too bad for one or the other fun, as she repeatedly emphasizes on Instagram.

However, while fooling around with the four-year-old, she recently had a less than positive experience, which ended up for the 34-year-old in the hospital.

Laughter with Ludwig has bad consequences for Cathy Hummels

It was actually supposed to be a relaxing day with her son Ludwig. But a fit of laughter ended tragically, as the 34-year-old reported on Instagram on Tuesday. In the evening she posted a story on the platform with a picture showing a syringe, ear sticks and other medical materials.

She let her followers guess what happened to her the day before. Cathy gave her community two answer options to choose from: “Chip stuck in the trachea” or “The emergency doctor was there”.

Just over half of those who voted chose the second option. In the follow-up story, Cathy finally gave the resolution: “It happened to me. Both.” She also gave an update on her health. Accordingly, the 34-year-old is already doing better. She can speak almost pain-free again.

Cathy Hummels in hospital for shortness of breath

Cathy then described in her story what exactly happened to her: “I choked.” The unusual thing about it: A kale chip was the culprit. He slipped into her windpipe because she laughed so much “with the boys”. First of all nothing unusual. However, the chip was apparently so stubbornly stuck that it could no longer be detached and even partly blocked the air.

She didn’t know what to do other than dial the emergency call: “Then I had to go to the emergency doctor or the ambulance came because I couldn’t breathe well anymore.” The kale chip was then “sucked out” in the emergency room.

Pain and a “nasty” wound from the kale chip

Although she could be helped quickly on site, she is still struggling with the consequences of the incident. On Tuesday she complained that she could only speak when she was in pain. Although she is doing better thanks to the right medication, she still has “tremendous pain” and the wound is “deep and nasty”. She says: “I never thought that a kale chip could cause such pain.”

Cathy Hummels is completely changed
Cathy Hummels: “Feel free as a bird”

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