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What a Champions League quarter-finals! The draw has the same result Multiple Pops duels: defending champions Bayern face off against Manchester United, Chelsea gets it with Zlatans PSG  do.

The eight group winners of the Champions League play from a top-class quarter-final: During the draw in Nyon, Switzerland, Multiple Pops, duels were caught up. Borussia Dortmund gets to do it with Real Madrid, defending champions Bayern Munich meets the English giants Manchester United. Losfee was the Portuguese Luis Figo.

Dortmund had off in the second round Zenit St. Petersburg (4:2, 1:2), FC Bayern won against the English club Arsenal by (2:0, 1:1).
Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke said, given the semi-final matches against Real in the season: “variety is different, we would have like to have had something else..” At that time the BVB won 4-1 in front of their home crowd, Robert Lewandowski get into this game, all four goals. In the return match Real won 2-0.

The Bayern prevailed satisfaction. “It’s a good draw,” Robben said. Board Andreas Jung was pleased that the Munich must first take away. Manchester United had managed with difficulty to the quarterfinals. The ailing under manager David Moyes Club won against the Greek champions Olympiakos Piraeus in the quarter-finals 3-0 and turned the switches off after the 0-2 in the first leg just starting.

Anyone against whom? All games of the quarterfinals at a glance:

FC Barcelona – Atlético Madrid

Real Madrid – Borussia Dortmund

Paris St. Germain – Chelsea FC

Manchester United – Bayern Munich

The games are on 1/2 April (first leg) and 8/9 April (return legs) discharged. The finale will be on 24 May Lisbon. Bayern would be the first team to succeed in the one title defense.

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