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The United Nations fear a wave of refugees from the Eastern Ukraine. Background is the impending collapse of primary care, now there is a lack of essential medicines. Many people were also afraid of criminals.

The United Nations has warned of a wave of refugees from the Eastern Ukraine. After a visit to Donetsk said the UN Deputy Secretary-General for Human Rights, Ivan Simonovic, on Monday, in the city conquer fear. “And it is widespread,” he added. This fear arises not only because of the security situation in the region: “It has something to do with the ordinary crime atmosphere is one of lawlessness, a feeling that they have no protection..”

Many people were preparing for it to leave the region – not only for safety, but because of their social and economic perspectives. “It could be a big exodus and there will be a major challenge.” An important reason is also the impending collapse of primary care. Especially in the Donetsk region’ve adopted the supply of essential goods such as insulin and other medications. “I have the impression that the social services, the entire system in Donetsk are on the verge of collapse,” Simonovic said.

Collapse of primary care:UN drawing parallels to Yugoslavia

The Croatian diplomat also sees a chance to resolve the crisis peacefully. But these must be used quickly to national and international level , otherwise threatening the country’s ultimate cleavage and maybe even a war as after the breakup of Yugoslavia . ” The comparison is quite appropriate ,” Simonovic said. “We should have learned the lesson that such a high price should be spared from the Ukraine. ”

The presidential election this Sunday could be the ” beginning of a new phase ” in an effort , according to the UN representative to lead the country out of the split between EU – oriented forces and pro-Russian activists. But no one should be a “miracle” to promise it. Necessary, also be more international mediation which includes Russia as well as a national dialogue with all critical of the government forces , who are willing to reach a consensus , Simonovic said.

According to Simonovic the UN are, however, informed that such had been members of the Electoral Commission abducted, abused and intimidated in the east of the country. Such operations would complicate the presidential election. The Kiev government admitted on Monday that in parts of the East a normal vote would be impossible.

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