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Conference in Paris: Nearly 30 states promise Iraq military aid in the war against IS / Breaking News


Iraq’s government receives diplomatic backing in the fight against “Islamic State”. 30 States and organizations want to support Baghdad “by any means necessary,” it said after a conference in Paris. However, concrete commitments they remained guilty.

In the fight against the terrorist militia “Islamic State”, the international community has the Iraq pledged substantial assistance. Baghdad should be supported “by any means necessary, including adequate military aid,” it says in the final declaration of a conference on Iraq with nearly 30 countries and organizations in Paris. Specific commitments were not made ​​at the meeting.

“There’s no time to lose,” said French President François Hollande. “The struggle of the Iraqi people against terrorism is also ours.” He added: “The threat is global, and so there must be it, a global response.” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said after the conference, the struggle against the “Butcher of the IS” going to take a lot of time. “This is a long-term action.”

Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier emphasized that the fight against IS “could not be alone for a military task”. It should go where, inter alia, to dry out the financial inflow for the IS and to stop the flow of fighters. Germany wanted to push the issue during the week of the UN General Assembly in New York. It would previously give off Friday on the outskirts of the UN Security a “dense frequency” of meetings.

The Iraqi Minister Fuad Masum, who also attended the conference asked explicitly for military aid. His country needed, especially support from air attacks, he told the radio station Europe first

Conference In Paris:Iraq Deplores the absence of the Iranian Government

The United States, build an international coalition against the IS, since the beginning of August air strikes already flying against the jihadists in Iraq and want to expand their military action on Syria. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stressed, however, in Paris, it was not just about air raids. Many states have committed to participate in the action against the IS.

France is considering its participation in the air strikes against the IS in Iraq, but not in Syria. Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced during a visit to the United Arab Emirates reconnaissance flights of the French Air Force on Iraq.

Steinmeier reiterated in Paris that Germany will not take part in air strikes. For Germany stood firmly by the “no easy decision” for arms supplies to the Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq that there would be no “participation in the air strikes.”

At the Paris conference on Iraq 26 States and the EU, the UN and the Arab League were represented. Iran, which supports Baghdad in the fight against the IS, was not invited. A spokeswoman for Kerry said in Paris, there would be no “military cooperation” with Iran. At the same time she put “diplomatic discussions” in view.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari regretted Tehran’s absence at the conference. “We have insisted that Iran participates., But it is not we who have this decision.”

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