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Proud nine years needed to continue the brilliant comic book adaptation “Sin City”. What a waste of time. Only Eva Green loved in “A Dame To Kill For” – as a woman who uses her body as a weapon.

The unique thing about the medium of comics are well known in the blanks. As the gutter, the gutter, the American comic theorist Scott McCloud once described the empty space between frames of a strip; the space in which the reader can fantasize freely. A large part of the stories thus takes place in the mind of the reader, allowing comic authors and -zeichnern maximum freedom of abstraction. Frank Miller’s six-volume “Sin City” saga is therefore a milestone of the genre – a silhouette-like collage of lines and shadows, deep black and glaring white areas, reduced faces and gestures, a form and content fascinatingly brutal work.

2005 Miller was achieved together with director Robert Rodriguez (“Spy Kids”) the seemingly impossible: the translation of “Sin City” Looks into the medium of film. The actors acted in front of a green screen, on which the drawn then animated digital backdrop was projected in the harsh, high-contrast black and white.

Individual, often bright red splash of color – gaping wounds, lascivious lips open – let the Hardboiled stories appear only blacker. All clichés and tropes of film noir condensed in the Goss scene of “Sin City” in an elaborate, surprisingly soulful collection of photos. With “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” now comes with nine years’ delay the continuation of the movies.

Why was that so much time had to pass it, there are many speculations. The Weinstein Company co-financing have delayed production since 2007, repeatedly, some say. Others think the writer of co-director Miller was partout not finished. Anyway: Today, when comic heroes romp in teams on the canvas and dominate the mainstream with colorful 3D action, the update of Miller’s noir pastiche seems outdated.

Apart from the fact that Rodriguez has decided on a complex shoot in 3D, adds “A Dame To Kill For” the predecessor visually nothing added. On the contrary, plastic, content superfluous antics rather weaken the effect of the contrasting panels. That would not be so bad, the action would at least be carried away. Rarely, but it has become so very bored with a series of sex and splatter.

New Sin City Movie:Femme Fatale with bright green eyes

Film/ Sin City 2 - A Dame To Kill For
Film/ Sin City 2 – A Dame To Kill For

It tells again episodically. The main story revolves around the private Dwight (Josh Brolin). Actually an upright type, it is pulled from the obsessive love for his ex-girlfriend come back to the moral abyss. This Ava Lord, key figure in the second “Sin City” -Buchs and one of the best characters Millers, is a prototypical Femme Fatale. To get rid of her rich husband, she takes only Dwight again under her spell and make him a murderer, then she twisted the detective’s head.

After a long search, allegedly were Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek in an interview, Miller and Rodriguez found in Eva Green (“Casino Royale”) is the perfect person. With poison green colored eyes they are equally convincing the scheming snake and the seductive succubus. The numerous scenes where she has to uncover, Green copes with intimidating sovereignty: As a weapon used Ava her body to make men submissive.

Had writer and director on the perverse intricate history of this great female figure embodied leave, would be “A Dame to Kill For” might have been a good movie. But Miller added two written especially for the film episodes added: “The Long Bad Night” revolves around a young man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is located at the well-known from “Sin City” rogue Senator Roarke (Powers Boothe) executes. To a settlement with Roarke, it is also in “Nancy’s Last Dance”, the comic as far missing in the movie conclusion of the story segment about the dancer Nancy (Jessica Alba).

Unfortunately, Miller was a little more to it than Alba as often as possible clothed easy to make them dance on stage at a nightclub. After all, may occur again in the three sub-plots and the old warhorse Marv (Mickey Rourke) and the spirit of heroic tormented cop Hartigan (Bruce Willis).

All plots are weighted equally dramatic, are content but rather pointless side by side; a monotonous, cynically brutal string of show values ​​that are allowed to be shown in U.S. cinemas only so openly and shamelessly, because the artificial look for mitigating cartoonhaftigkeit provides.

For director Rodriguez, the film is the second sequel, which he gambled away the charm of the original: His original “Grindhouse” byproduct “Machete” (2010) he made last year, the concoction “Machete Kills” follow. And for comic legend Frank Miller, “A Dame To Kill For” a defeat: the chance to breathe some freshness and modernity his 25-year-old masterpiece, is wasted.

Has been waiting for the sequel anyway probably no more: On U.S. opening weekend of tarnished in 3000 cinema film flopped with little more than six million dollars in sales. Like many figures of the comics led to Rodriguez and Miller return to “Sin City” to destruction.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
USA 2014

Director: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller

Book: Frank Miller

Starring: Josh Brolin, Eva Green, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Powers Boothe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rosario Dawson, Jamie Chung, Dennis Haysbert, Christopher Meloni, Jeremy Piven, Christopher Lloyd, Stacy Keach, Lady Gaga, Ray Liotta, Jaime King

Production: Troublemaker Studios, Dimension Films

Rental: Splendid

Length: 102 minutes

Start: September 18, 2014



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