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Controversial rally in Hanover: activists throw horse manure at pro-Russian motorcades

There is also a pro-Russian demo in Hanover: hardly any of the demonstrators want to speak.

But they are blocked by numerous counter-demonstrators. t-online reports from on site.

In Hanover, several hundred people blocked a pro-Russian motorcade. The chain of vehicles was stopped, among other things, by a sit-in by several people carrying Ukraine flags. One of the vehicles was stopped by the counter-demonstrators and pelted with horse manure.

Several hundred people had gathered at the controversial car rally at noon, a t-online reporter estimated that around 350 vehicles took part in the tour. The police were on site in large numbers.

Several cars were hung with Russian flags, and some demonstrators also carried protest signs. According to the reporter, members of the conspiracy theory corona denier scene can also be seen on the sidelines of the rally. A police spokesman spoke to the NDR about around 850 participants, the organizers themselves counted around 2,000 people.

A speaker at noon instructed the crowd not to speak to journalists. Before the rally began, one participant told t-online: “We’re not here for the war with Ukraine, we’re against bullying and discrimination against Russian children, for example at school.” The motto of the event in Hanover is: “Against hate speech, bullying and discrimination against the Russian population”.

The parade was then to lead through the Hanover districts of Mitte, Vahrenwald Zoo and Calenberger Neustadt – but the departure was initially delayed because some participants had covered their bonnets with flags, as a police spokesman told NDR.

The pro-Russian demonstrations taking place in several German cities this weekend are controversial: in some cases, the wearing of certain symbols has been banned in advance.

Because at similar rallies, the so-called Z symbol was recently seen, which is supposed to express support for the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

Larger pro-Russian rallies are expected this Sunday in Hanover and Frankfurt am Main: The motorcade planned in Hanover could, with 900 participants announced, top the largest motorcade in Berlin to date – in Frankfurt around 2,000 people have been announced for a demonstration.

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