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Corruption Allegations against Qatar: When 2022 World Cup reallocated? / Breaking News


It is a gigantic Privacy: million e-mails and documents are intended to provide loud “Sunday Times” new evidence of corruption in connection with the World Cup awarded to Qatar. The most important questions and answers at a glance.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Allegations:1 What’s new in the “Sunday Times” revelations?

The “Sunday Times” claims to be in possession of “thousands of gigabytes” and “millions of e-mails and documents” from the sphere of influence of the long-standing FIFA executive member Mohamed Bin Hammam. These include documents from the Asian Football Confederation AFC, whose president was Bin Hammam 2002-2011, and from his conglomerate. This has a new quality and bring the World Cup organizers from Qatar on Erklärungsnot

Although so far no documents from the former World Cup-candidate committee were published, but it is clear from several papers that intrigues, bribes and votes Deals from Bin Hammam of Qatar’s World Cup bid for 2022 were used. So Bin Hammam has transferred and taken over the cost of lawyers and private investigators in the fall of 2010, a six-figure sum for the time allegations of corruption suspended Fifa executive member Reynald Temarii (Tahiti). This was successfully prevented Temariis substitute in the Fifa

Executive Committee, David Chung, was allowed to vote on the World Cup award in Zurich already on December 2, 2010. Chung was seen as supporters of the Australian application. Qatar was chosen.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Allegations:2 What does the role Bin Hammam of Qatar?

The World Cup organizing committee of Qatar continues to claim that Bin Hammam had acted on his own account and was neither officially nor unofficially involved in the application. In contrast, there are statements made by the chief candidate jetzigem and CEO of WM-OK, Hassan Al-Thawadi, from the year 2010: Before the World Cup-procurement by the FIFA Executive Committee he called Bin Hammam as the “most important asset” of the campaign. The Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, longtime president of the Qatar Football Association and since 2002 a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it can tell about the World Cup organizing committee, Qatar had always “the highest standards of ethics and integrity” respected.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Alegations:3 What are the specific accusations against Bin Hammam?

The new documents complement what was already known about the system Bin Hammam from numerous other reports over the years. Bin Hammam and Qatar were mainly in Africa and Asia for votes and have delegates from many dozens of Fifa Nations baited with numerous benefits, direct and indirect bribery measures. Most this kind transactions were designated as development aid. And in fact, was Bin Hammam for many years also responsible for the development assistance program Goal Of Fifa, where previously a billion dollar flowed. Bin Hammam and Qatar Emir Hamad, who handed over his power in June 2013, the heir to the throne Tamim have also sponsored the Fifa election campaigns of Joseph Blatter in the years 1998 and 2002. These processes are well documented. The revelations of the “Sunday Times” now expand the view of the global parallel society Fifa.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Alegations:4 Where does the material?

According to the ” Sunday Times ” the documents submitted by an informant from the Fifa environment. Given the wealth of material there are not many options where the mysterious informant would be the locus . One option would be those companies in the intelligence business , some of which try on their own since the end of 2010 , to provide evidence of the corruption of Russia ( 2018 ) and Qatar. Connections to global data – aspirators as NSA (USA) and GCHQ ( the UK ) are close .

However, the more likely option could be sources of Fifa and AFC . The AFC dubious transactions by Bin Hammam were candled 2012 by PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PWC) . The allegations are: money laundering, tax fraud, bribery, breaking the economic embargo against North Korea and Iran – and much more. Based on this investigation report Bin Hammam was a second time live long blocked by the Fifa ethics committee. Against this punishment, he did not make any vocation, but resigned in December 2012 from all offices . The first lifetime ban for his offense had Fifa World Sports Court Cas yet been lifted . The Cas – judgment countered AFC and FIFA in the summer of 2012 with the PWC report , which covered the years 2008 to 2011 – from exactly those years and out of the AFC environment originate the documents that have now been published by the “Sunday Times” .

Qatar World Cup 2022 Alegations:5 When 2022 World Cup reallocated?

The probability is extremely increased. It’s no longer just a question of whether the World Cup will be held in 2022 in Qatar during the winter or in the summer – but whether it takes place at all there. The call for a new assignment of the 2022 World Cup is bigger. The neighboring Arab monarchies could tolerate these claims implied. The American Michael Garcia, who heads the investigation by the FIFA Ethics Committee for many millions of dollars from the Fifa checkout, researched, particularly in Qatar. His office announced on Monday that Garcia the investigation will conclude on June 9 and will forward its report six weeks later at the law chambers.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Alegations:6 Which Fifa officials are charged?

The usual suspects such as African football boss and Fifa vice-president Issa Hayatou (Cameroon) the allegations of the “Sunday Times ” have immediately rejected . The fact is , however : Hayatou is one of those eight Fifa executive members from December 2010, which have already been clearly convicted of corruption . However, not in the context of Qatar’s Application – Hayatou has once collected by the Fifa marketers ISL money.
In the context of Qatar some cases of nepotism are busy : So the sons of Fifa directors Michel Platini (France ) and Michel D’ Hooghe (Belgium ) received shortly after the

World Cup award handsomely paid jobs in Qatar employers. Marios Lefkaritis turn , FIFA Executive Member and very wealthy businessman from Cyprus , has sold 2011 estates worth more than 33 million euros to a Qatari sovereign wealth fund . It will not stay at these revelations. So far, the so-called Fifa ethicists interested neither for Platini and D’ Hooghe nor Lefkaritis . But the impacts come closer.

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