Earthquake in Turkey: Death toll Rises to 284

Vice President Fuat Oktay stated that the death toll in the Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık earthquake increased to 284 people in 10 provinces.

Fuat Oktay announced that the number of people injured in the earthquake was 2 thousand 323.

It was announced that 284 people lost their lives and 2 thousand 323 people were injured as of 10:00 am in the earthquake that destroyed 1710 buildings in 10 cities. 70 people lost their lives in Kahramanmaraş, 13 people in Adıyaman, 14 people in Diyarbakır, 18 people in Şanlıurfa, 20 people in Osmaniye and 4 people in Hatay.

Oktay announced that Hatay Airport, which had a split in the runway, was closed, and civil flights to Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş Airports were stopped.

Fuat Oktay said, “So far, 102 mobile base stations have been sent to earthquake zones and commissioning has begun. Natural gas flow to Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Pazarcık, Narlı, Besni, Gölbaşı, Nurdağı, İslahiye, Reyhanlı, Kırıkhan, Hassa has been stopped. Within AFAD. Aid will be coordinated, aid will be collected in one account and distributed to those in need. All our schools are on holiday in these 10 provinces for a week, but we will discuss them with our relevant minister.” said.

The AP news agency, on the other hand, informed its subscribers that 237 people died in Syria, according to the latest statements, due to the earthquake.

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