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How could Edward Snowden leave Hong Kong – despite American arrest warrant ? Formal errors were to blame, now claims Hong Kong: The US had given a false name for the wanted.

Especially on a word to have it located that Edward Snowden was not arrested in Hong Kong, but could escape to Moscow.  In the arrest warrant from the United States, the second first name of the fugitives to have been incorrectly specified.

The Hong Kong authorities say. Justice Secretary Rimsky Yuen said Edward Snowden wear according to documents the Hong Kong middle name Joseph – but the U.S. had once called him James, sometimes only Edward J. Snowden. “These three names do not exactly match,” said Yuen, “therefore, we found that the need to clarify.” In addition, the U.S. had no passport number specified.

The former intelligence official Snowden had fled from Hawaii to Hong Kong and from there had a huge monitor publicized scandal: He revealed the Spähprogramm prism of American intelligence, is used to access user data in Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other major IT companies. And the even bigger Sniffer tenses, with the British intelligence bleeds traffic across the Atlantic and between stores.

In the U.S., an arrest warrant was issued promptly. Edward Snowden is accused of espionage and theft of government property and passing. The Hong Kong authorities were quickly asked to set Snowden. But they did not.

NSA Leak Scandal:No response from the authorities on Friday afternoon

According to Yuen The blame for this bureaucratic difficulties. On Friday afternoon, you’ve asked for clarification – and not receive. The error was eventually form one of the reasons that the arrest had been delayed and Snowden could leave on Sunday.

The U.S. Department of Justice defends from: Hong Kong, where they had all the information that may be prescribed by the common agreement on extradition. In addition, photo and videos from Snowden had gone around the world; because the Americans take the responsibility in Hong Kong apparently not deny that this needed more information about who exactly was meant.

Edward Joseph Snowden is currently staying in the transit area of a Moscow airport. His American passport was canceled, he should have asked for asylum in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño, however, has stated that the decision could take months if in doubt.

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