Eighty commuters stuck on trains for hours in the cold

Eighty commuters were stuck on a train in Bruges for hours on Friday morning due to a broken coupling.

Train traffic between Bruges and the coast came to a complete standstill.

The train left Blankenberge station at 8.53 am on Friday morning in the direction of Bruges. But about 1.5 kilometers before the train was to enter Bruges station, he was suddenly forced to stop. Due to a broken coupling, the last wagon separated from the rest of the train. In the meantime, about eighty commuters have been stuck for hours.

Thermal blankets

“It was an IC train heading to Genk,” said Bart Crols, spokesperson for the NMBS. “The coupling break has resulted in the last wagon being separated from the rest of the train by approximately one and a half meters. If those cables rupture, the train will stop automatically. That is what also happened in Bruges.”

The heating on the train also no longer works. “In the meantime, they have brought us thermal blankets and a responsible person remains on the train. The people of NMBS are doing their best to help us,” said a traveler.

By 12 noon the train could enter Bruges station, with all travelers on board. That’s what Belga writes. Train traffic between Bruges and the coast could also be resumed. An investigation must determine what the cause of the incident was.


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