Sarah Connor in the tub in a skimpy swimsuit

While most people make themselves comfortable in the warmth during the cold season, Sarah Connor treated herself to an ice bath. She impressed her fans with this.

Sarah Connor is not only a successful musician, but has also built up a considerable reach on social media. 725,000 people follow the singer on Instagram alone. There she gives insights into her everyday life, impresses her followers with her voice and also shows her life as a mother. Now she presented herself taking an ice bath and was celebrated by her fans.

The 43-year-old posted several photos on Instagram in which she can be seen with her sister Marisa and a man named Walter. The three can be seen, among other things, in an ice tub or doing exercises. Sarah Connor swings her hips and appears exuberant with her sister. She is wearing a dark swimsuit. To see all the recordings, you have to click to the right on the Instagram post.

“Respect to you!”

“It was unbelievable! First the breathing exercises and then into the ice tub in zero-degree water. Wow!” she writes. The experience was “fun, crazy and so healing for cells, skin, muscles, bad skin and everything.” The sisters tried the Wim Hof Method, which is a special breathing technique developed by the Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof.

Fans were impressed by the ice-cold action and expressed their admiration in the comments section of the post. “Hats off to you for doing it. I would never have dared to do it,” wrote one follower. “Respect to you!”, “Hammer” or “You legends,” other users commented, among other things.

Sarah Connor poses in a glitter bikini


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