Elon Musk: Father Errol shoots sharply at his son – “little boy”

The relationship between Elon Musk and his father Errol has been cracked for years.

In an interview on the Australian radio show “The Kyle & Jackie O Show”, the 79-year-old shot his son sharply.

Elon Musk’s father not proud of his son

Elon Musk is the head of the automaker Tesla and revolutionized the electric car. He is also the boss of the aerospace company SpaceX and thus conquered space. Elon Musk is worth around $270 billion. That makes him the richest person in the world.

However, his father Errol is not proud of him. “You know, we’re a family that’s been doing a lot of things for a long time,” he says in the interview. “It’s not like we started all of a sudden,” he claims.

Errol Musk prefers son Kimbal

According to Errol, while Elon Musk is exceptional, he is not as happy as he would like. In addition, he would have liked to have been where he is today five years ago, Errol continues. “In our family we think in stages of life.” And further:

“He’s still a little boy to me, but he’s 50, so he’s an old man.”

Errol Musk

Errol is more proud of his other son Kimbal, Elon Musk’s brother. His net worth is estimated at around $700 million. Kimbal Musk founded The Kitchen Restaurant Group. He is Father Errol’s “all pride and joy”.

Errol Musk slanders his son’s looks

Elon Musk’s father also railed against his son’s appearance in the interview. The topic came up because photos of Elon Musk from his vacation in Greece were recently published, in which he can be seen with a cheese-white torso. He judges:

“I’ll tell you what, Elon is really built very strong, but he eats very badly.”

He even recommended that his son take diet pills.

Errol Musk has often caused a stir. Most recently, he was in the headlines for allegedly fathering a child with his stepdaughter.

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