Escalation in Ferguson: Protesters are said to have fired on police / US News

National Guard Called In As Unrest Continues In Ferguson

The US city Ferguson witnessed the ruckus next night – apparently policemen were shot this time. You have temporarily been “under heavy fire”, says the head of operations. At least two people were injured.

The situation in the days since riots rocked by US-city Ferguson has further pointed clearly at night. So protesters are said to have shot at police. The forces have been under “heavy fire,” said Ron Johnson, who as an officer of the Highway Patrol since Thursday has command of the police in Ferguson.

“That was not the act of demonstrators”, according to Johnson, include “Los Angeles Times” added at a press conference. “This was the work of violent criminals.” Although shots had been fired at the police, this would “not a single bullet” fired back. 31 people were arrested, police had also found and confiscated two firearms at the demonstrators.

Among those arrested were also newcomers from California and New York, reports the “Los Angeles Times”, citing the police. This proves that among the demonstrators were also Foreign traveling specially for the sometimes violent protests.

Escalation in Ferguson: Rioters should have thrown Molotov cocktails

Police Shooting Missouri Unrest in Ferguson
Police Shooting Missouri Unrest in Ferguson

After it had remained peaceful on Monday a long time, there had been clashes again after dark. Some protesters threw glass and plastic bottles and tried to block a road; it, the police used tear gas and stun grenades. Supposedly rioters threw petrol bombs again.

Johnson threw the protesters, according to the newspaper claims to have set two fires in Ferguson – one of them in a business building reflecting another in an uninhabited house. At least two people had been shot by protesters. Information about their health, he did not. “Protesters are peaceful and have respect,” Johnson said, referring to the alleged acts of violence. “They do not attack the police. Throw no Molotov cocktails.”

Addressed to the media said, according to Johnson, “Washington Post,” journalists should stay away from the streets, so that the police could move around freely. “We should not glorify the deeds of criminals,” he added.
Finally, the arrest of two German journalists and a press photographer had triggered outrage in Ferguson. The two reporters were jailed on flimsy grounds, and was released after several hours.

The riots in the suburbs of St. Louis (Missouri) had been triggered by the death of a black youth. A white policeman had shot the 18-year-old Michael Brown ten days, although this was unarmed. According to eyewitnesses, Brown should have kept his hands over his head as the shots were fired. First autopsy results will confirm this version of the crime. Since it comes in Ferguson almost daily protests.

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