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Evo Morales Highlights Bolivians’ Democratic Vocation

President Evo Morales highlighted Bolivians´ democratic vocation to go to the polls on the October 16 judicial elections.

Despite opposition campaigns calling for abstention and null or blank votes, over 80 percent of 5.2 million voters participated in the elections, according to unofficial reports released by the Electoral Supreme Court.

Speaking to reporters, Morales explained that the elections, unprecedented in the country and in the world, had among its drawbacks ballots with many candidates, about 115 to choose 56 authorities (chiefs and substitutes) of the Judiciary.

For the president, the poll in Bolivia implemented a change, a democratic revolution, while rejecting criticism of their opponents on the legitimacy of the process.

Morales said that in four regions valid vote won; in three regions null vote; and in two there was a technical tie, according to preliminary reports by the highest electoral body which is expected to announce the official results on November 7.

On October 16, Bolivians went to the polls to elect the members of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the Agro-environmental Court, as well as the Council of the Magistrature, which will be inaugurated in January 2012.

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