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Evo Morales’ forced stop in Vienna snubbed South America / Breaking News


Bolivian President Morales is still sitting tight at the airport in Vienna. He could not travel after there were rumors that he is hiding the NSA Whistleblower Snowden on board. In South America, the incident of anger and indignation makes.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales holds following an involuntary stop of their aircraft still on at the airport in Vienna. He waits for an opportunity more flight back to Bolivia. The machine of the President had on Tuesday night to land in Austria, after apparently had the next plane from Moscow denied overflight rights, several European countries.

Background was clearly the assumption of looking for the U.S. Ex-intelligence officer Edward Snowden was on board. This is not the case, it was said by the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

According to Bolivian specified France, Portugal and Italy will have airspace in the meantime re-enabled. The problem was still last in Spain. Now has the Spanish government had granted overflight rights to the machine and approved a stop on Gran Canaria for refueling aircraft, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Madrid on Wednesday morning.

The Bolivian presidential airplane is parked at the Vienna International Airport in Schwechat

Morales continues moving so clearly. All prerequisites are fulfilled, the Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer said on Wednesday at the Vienna airport at a joint press conference with Morales. “The Spanish airspace is open.”

“Mother of God What a world!”

As the daily newspaper “Der Standard” and the ORF reported to Morales held the whole night of the VIP terminal of the airport. Bolivia’s Defense Minister Rubén Saavedra, who was also aboard the plane, told journalists that he values ​​the forced landing as a “direct attack on the president.”  Morales had attended a conference in Moscow.

The South American confederation Unasur to comment on the incident. Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa and his Argentine counterpart Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner called on Tuesday evening (local time) to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Unasur to appeal against the ban overflight of the Bolivian President aircraft over several European countries protest.


Kirchner stated on their Twitter account, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala and Unasur chairman had confirmed their convening the meeting. Kirchner, known for dramatic performances, appeared in numerous tweets outraged about the process: “There are definitely all gone mad.”

Treatment Morales is apparently scandalous for them. “! Mother of God What a world,” writes Kirchner and Bolivia’s president wants “much force” “. Fuerza Evo”

Aircraft apparently not searched

“Tomorrow will be a long and difficult day,” Kirchner says via Twitter. Detail she describes her dialogues with Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa (who was “angry and scared”) and the Uruguayan President Pepe Mujica (“He’s confused.”)

Venezuela also criticized France and Portugal. This is a violation of the immunity due each leader said Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Elías Jaua on Tuesday evening (local time) in Caracas. “We hold the government of the United States and all governments that have refused him permission flight, responsible for the life and dignity of President Evo Morales,” he said.

After his stopover in Vienna because of rumors about the Mitflug of former U.S. intelligence employee Edward Snowden the plane of Bolivia’s President Evo Morales, has not been investigated. There was no legal basis for a search, said the spokesman of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior, Karl-Heinz Grundböck, the AFP news agency on Wednesday. However, the passports of all occupants of the machine had been checked. Snowden was not on board, Grundböck said.

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