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Ex-Fenerbahce captain Alex : I didn’t cry in my whole childhood as much as I cried last week

Ex-Fenerbahce captain Alex : Last meeting with Turkish sports media
Ex-Fenerbahce captain Alex : Last meeting with Turkish sports media

Alex de Souza, Fenerbahçe’s former captain admits in his last press conference in Istanbul having misused Twitter during the travesty resulted in his departure from the club.

Istanbul / NationalTurk – Brazilian football star and former Fenerbahce captain  Alex de Souza admits he made some mistakes in his tenure with Fenerbahce specially during his departure saga. Alex organized a press conference today – the final time he will face the Turkish sports press following his sudden exit from Fenerbahce Istanbul last week.

“We are responsible for things that happen to us. I admit that I’ve made some mistakes. The biggest one was to hurt my team sometimes. I misused Twitter. I’ve sent some messages and SMSs to some people. It would have been better if I haven’t done so. They said I was demanding more money. In fact all I wanted was the equal distribution of bonus. These are my mistakes,” said Alex, who departed Fener last week after being left out of the first team by coach Aykut Kocaman.

“I didn’t cry in my whole childhood as much as I cried last week,” said the Yellow Canaries’ former captain, adding that he was deeply affected by the most recent events while thanking his team for all the good times they spent together.

A number of Turkish TV channels carried Alex’s news conference live, but Fenerbahçe TV, the club’s official tv channel, was conspicuous in its failure to cover Alex’s press conference.

Alex de Souza started to fall out with his coach Aykut Kocaman early in the 2012 -2013 season when he criticized some of Kocaman’s decisions and sharing his thoughts via Twitter. The Brazilian star, non-arguablly the most successful foreigner to ever play for Fenerbahçe Istanbul, subsequently saw his playing time decreses until being cut from the first team last week immediately prior to his departure after he nullified his contract with Fenerbahce taht was due to end at the end of this season.

Alex joined Yellow Canaries in 2004 from Brasilian outfit Cruizero. He has seen 3 championship trophies with Fener and one Turkish Cup win.

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