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Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç: We will not apologize to Ukraine

Ali Koç announced that they will not apologize for the 'Putin' chants of Fenerbahce fans in the Champions League match played against Dynamo Kyiv.

Speaking at the Fenerbahçe High Council Meeting, Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç said, “We will not apologize to Ukraine. After the endless rhetoric of the Ukrainian Ambassador, he should apologize to us.

You must have been impressed by the opposing team’s fans, who are parsley in every subject in the media.”

Koç continued his words as follows: “There is a community that does not hesitate to touch our side no matter who its management, president or athlete is. There is parsley on every topic. We focus on unification, not separation. There are so many factors that divide this country that football should not come first.”

Ali Koç also said the following:

“I have been thinking about this injustice, this double standard, this insult to Fenerbahçe for two days. We’re talking about a 20-second event. I remind you that the match is 120 minutes. We conceded the second goal, nothing happened, we were eliminated, there was no cheering, it was the first goal. I think it was an inappropriate and unnecessary cheer, far from Fenerbahçe identity; But what are we going to do, put zippers in their mouths?

“Even before the match started, we saw a goalkeeper who used to play in Turkey stretch the stands before the match. Then the goal came. Again, that player jumped out of the bench and made such moves that the goal scorer also did. However, this statement does not suit us. I want to thank Lucescu. He called the player to his side and shouted.”

Koç also said, “I condemn those who want to put a 20-second cheer into a political identity as if it were coordinated. The stance of both Turkey and Fenerbahçe regarding this occupation is clear. What is that stance? We are not on anyone’s side. We also have Ukrainian athletes and Russian players,” he said.

Fenerbahce Club made a statement

Fenerbahce made a statement regarding the “Vladimir Putin” cheer from the stands during the Dynamo Kyiv match played last week.

The statement said, “It never represents the stance and values ​​of our club”.

Fenerbahce was eliminated in the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League, losing to Dynamo Kiev 2-1 in overtime.

Yellow Lacivertliler matched with Czech Republic team Slovacko in the 3rd qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League.

After Dynamo Kiev’s first goal, some Fenerbahce fans cheered “Vladimir Putin”.

In the statement made by Fenerbahçe Club, the following statements were included:

“In the 58th minute of yesterday’s match, the exaggerated movements of some players of the opposing team, especially the reserve goalkeepers who played for a team in our country in the past, caused a part of the stands to get excited and a reaction that lasted only 20 seconds in the 120-minute match.

“Whatever the reason may be, we, as Fenerbahçe Sports Club, do not accept the reaction that arises from some of our stands.”

Reource: NationalTurk – Turkish News 

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