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Spanish Priest infected with Ebola to be repatriated

They have brought him to his home country, but doctors could not save him: A Spanish priest died at a clinic in Madrid to Ebola. The 75-year-old had been infected with the virus in Liberia.

The Spanish priest Miguel Pajares has died in a clinic in Madrid to Ebola. The 75-year-old had been infected during a stay in Liberia, as he had kept the director of a hospital in Monrovia. This man was died later on Ebola.

The missionary is the first Ebola patient of the current epidemic, which was flown into the EU. After a test had confirmed his infection, called for tens of thousands of Spaniards in an Internet petition to bring him back immediately to his home country.

The Spanish government then sent on August 6, a machine of the Luftwaffe, with which he was flown under the strictest safety and quarantine measures to Madrid. There he was treated in the Hospital Carlos III de Madrid with the experimental drug ZMapp. However, the antibody cocktail was unable to help the missionary.

According to Spanish media Pajares suffered from pre-existing conditions. Shortly before his departure, he had said that he felt left in the lurch in Liberia. “I would like to go to Spain because we have had very bad experiences here. It does not help us,” he told the Spanish news agency Efe. On Saturday died a staff member of the clergy, a native of the Congo nun, in Monrovia to the virus.

First European Ebola Victim:WHO advises on use of experimental drugs

Besides the clergy Zapp had previously received only a doctor and a nurse from the USA, otherwise it has been tested only on animals. As there is currently no vaccine or an approved drug against the virus, the authorities have high hopes for the drug, which is derived from genetically modified tobacco plants.

Inventories of the agent should now be sent to Liberia, but these are very limited. The World Health Organization (WHO) advises currently on the use of medicines such ZMapp that are not yet sufficiently tested in clinical trials and therefore not admitted. First results will be presented at a press conference on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the suspected Ebola infection with the deadly virus in a medical student from Germany has not been confirmed. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office in Berlin on Tuesday. The medical student had shown suspicious symptoms. Since he had previously resided in Liberia, where hundreds were already victims of the Ebola epidemic, infection had been feared.

Never have a doctors so bad Ebola outbreak documented as currently in West Africa. According to WHO, the number of victims of the current epidemic has risen to over 1,000, more than 1,800 people have been infected with the virus. 323 of the victims are from Liberia, Guinea and 373 from 315 from Sierra Leone. In Nigeria, there are now two deaths.

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