Giuseppe Falsone Top Italian Mafia boss arrested in South France

One of Italy’s most wanted men a mafia boss, has been caught in Marseille, Southern France after a joint operation by the two countries police forces.

Giuseppe Falsone was arrested after almost 11 years on the run and is thought to have received plastic surgery.

Giuseppe Falsone who was on Italy’s most wanted list has been caught in Marseille, France after being on the run for over 10 years from the Italian police.

The 40-year-old was alleged to be the Mafia boss of the province of Agrigento in Sicily and have ties to the Italian Mafia God Father (Boss of Bosses) Bernardo Provenzano who was arrested in 2006 after a police raid during a Mafia family meeting to nominate a new capo provincial.

According to the sources close to the operation, Falsone was arrested at an expensive city-centre flat and is thought to have received plastic surgery to his face so that police cannot track him down.

However, after finger prints were taken from the mafia crime boss, it was confirmed that the man they had arrested was the illusive Giuseppe Falsone.

It is alleged that investigators had been tipped about the whereabouts of the crime boss after he applied for a boating license with false identity.

Falsone had already been convicted for murder and international drug trafficking and was to serve a life sentence.

Roberto Maroni the Italian Interior Minister had confirmed that Falsone was a fugitive for over 10 years and was arrested in Marseille.

Maroni also confirmed that Falsone must serve a life sentence.

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  1. I knew the man. I had met him while a missionary in Marseille, France. I never had any idea of who he really was. He went by Giuseppe with us and always seemed very sincere and straight-forward with us. I just heard about all this… craziest news I’ve heard today.

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