Goodbye Silvio ! Berlusconi kicked out from Italian Parliament / Breaking News


Italy’s former bunga bunga prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has been expelled from parliament following his criminal conviction for tax fraud.

The Italian Senate voted to strip him of his seat, hours after he gave a defiant speech to supporters outside his palazzo in capital Rome.

He had earlier denounced the vote as “a day of mourning for democracy”, telling the crowd of hundreds: “We are not going to retire to some convent.”

The billionaire was convicted in August of manipulating tax bills for his television empire Mediaset.

A court heard he was behind a scheme to purchase the rights to broadcast US movies on his TV networks through a series of offshore companies and had falsely declared the payments to avoid taxes.

He was sentenced to four years in jail, which was reduced to one year and will probably be served as community service, and banned from holding public office for two years.

He claimed he did not receive a fair trial and that judges were trying to “eliminate” him from public office.

The loss of his seat will deprive Berlusconi of his parliamentary immunity from further arrest.

n June, the three-time prime minister was found guilty of paying for sex with underage prostitute Karima El Mahroug, also known as Ruby the Heart Stealer.

During his trial, the court in Milan heard dozens of young women, including Miss El Mahroug, who was 17 at the time, were paid with cash and cars to attend his so-called “bunga bunga” parties and dance semi-naked for him.

He could come under investigation over claims he paid off young women who attended the parties to give favourable testimony.

However, Berlusconi’s lawyers said it was “completely unrealistic” that, now his parliamentary immunity has been lifted, he will be arrested over the case.

Although he will not hold a seat in parliament, he is expected to remain influential in Italian politics.

He pulled his party out of Mr Letta’s ruling coalition earlier this year, accusing opponents of a “coup d’etat” to get rid of him.

He has relaunched his Forza Italia movement and some analysts suggest he still commands millions of supporters.

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